Contacting VOA and Worldnet by Electronic Mail

Contacting VOA and Worldnet by Electronic Mail

At this time, only a few public electronic mail addresses are available for VOA and Worldnet. These are listed below.

We do not maintain a public directory service of electronic mail addresses for members of our staff and we regret that we are not able to respond to individual requests for electronic mail addresses.

Publicly Available Electronic Mail Addresses for VOA and Worldnet

General Information

info@VOA.GOV                    Electronic mail information server.
                                Send a message with the contents
                                "send help" to this address for
                                instructions on how to use this

letters@VOA.GOV                 General correspondence to the Voice
                                of America and Worldnet Television
                                from outside the United States

letters-usa@VOA.GOV             General correspondence to the Voice
                                of America and Worldnet Television
                                from the United States

pubaff@VOA.GOV                  Public Affairs Office for the Voice
                                of America and Worldnet Television

qsl@VOA.GOV                     VOA reception (QSL) reports from
                                outside the United States

qsl-usa@VOA.GOV                 VOA reception (QSL) reports from
                                the United States

VOA-Info-Request@VOA.GOV        Use this address to request inclusion
                                in an irregular mailing list of VOA
                                and Worldnet public announcements.

Specific VOA Programs

agri@VOA.GOV Agriculture Today VOA-Europe@VOA.GOV VOAEurope Service (English) VOA-Morning@VOA.GOV Worldwide English Morning Program

VOA Internet Audio

The following electronic mail addresses are intended for users who have questions or comments regarding the audio files available on the VOA and Worldnet public server.

arabic_program@VOA.GOV          Arabic

cantonese_program@VOA.GOV       Cantonese

chinese_program@VOA.GOV         Standard Chinese (Mandarin)

czech_program@VOA.GOV           Czech

english_worldwide@VOA.GOV       English worldwide program thread

french_program@VOA.GOV          French-to-Africa

hindi_program@VOA.GOV           Hindi

hungarian_program@VOA.GOV       Hungarian

korean_program@VOA.GOV          Korean

polish_program@VOA.GOV          Polish

russian_program@VOA.GOV         Russian

slovak_program@VOA.GOV          Slovak

spanish_program@VOA.GOV         Spanish

swahili_program@VOA.GOV         Swahili

ukrainian_program@VOA.GOV       Ukrainian

Date: Thu, 01 Sep 1994 18:18:14 -0400
From: Bob Thomson 
Subject: Info request re VOA
Sender: Association of Third World Studies 
To: Stephen isabirye 

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