VITA's Distribution Service

VITA's Distribution Service

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From: VITA@GMUVAX.BITNET (Volunteers in Technical Assistance) Date: 20 Aug 93 20:39:00 GMT Reply-To: Volunteers in Technical Assistance

VITA Distribution Service

Use this free service. VITA now distributes articles, reports, and short papers to persons requesting them. This is an extension of DEVEL-L to better serve its community. Here is how it works:

1. VITA invites subscribers and others who would like to share their papers, longer writings, or speeches, to send them to VITA electronically. On receiving them, VITA will announce their availability on DEVEL-L. Shorter commentaries and reports are still appropriate for direct posting to the larger audience of DEVEL-L.


For your special attention:

VITA is especially interested in contributions from developing countries. Since most authors in developing regions lack access to networks, we kindly ask for your help in obtaining suitable material.

This popular service needs your articles! Please help by contributing papers and articles, especially your own writings.


2. Everybody stands to gain from this service. Authors get to share their ideas with other subscribers and stimulate discussion of them without the file-size limitations of DEVEL-L. Authors are not burdened with individual requests. Persons who want particular reports or papers get them quickly; persons who do not want them don't have to process them or pay to receive them. Bandwidth is conserved. And VITA benefits from giving better service to its community.

4. The items you send to VITA should meet these requirements:

-- Its topic is appropriate to this List.

-- Not longer than about 50 kilo Bytes (20 pages). (Authors may want to offer to send tables and figures by postal mail, if these are necessary.)

-- Has title, author's name, author's e-mail address if available, and a short abstract.

-- Include copyright release if needed.

5. You can easily get your free copy of any document with an Anonymous FTP request to . Documents are in the "vita" subdirectory. At the * prompt, type GET [.VITA]VITA_INDEX.TXT (or CD VITA followed by GET VITA_INDEX.TXT) to get a list of the documents. You can also use a special e-mail message. Ask VITA for instructions if you don't have them. Please do not send document requests to VITA. Instructions include hints for persons who lack access to FTP.

Any comments on this service should be sent to VITA's address shown below, not to the List address. Please do not include other topics in the same message.

Dania Granados Volunteers in Technical Assistance or

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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