United Nations BBS

United Nations BBS

UNITED NATIONS BBS ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From: IN%"AFRICA-L@BRUFPB.BitNet" "FORUM PAN-AFRICA" 3-MAY-1991 Subject: UN-L (UNITED NATIONS BBS) Possible Descriptor

Here's a possible descriptor for a UN-L:

UN-L A Forum for the discussion of topics relating to the UNITED NATIONS General Assembly, and its' many Agencies (UNEP,UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.) including information on activities, news, events- and of the many UN Associations, based on campuses and in local communities around the world.

One of the many possible roles of this Bulletin Board is to encourage broader interest in these bodies, and greater active support for the local UN Associations, and for expanded international campus discussion of the UN, its Agencies & Associations, & expanded campus involvement, through the Political Science Depts., campus UN Associations, and through encouraging this SIG (Special Interest Group), and other BBS promoting greater understanding of our planet, and its environment and global processes, at all levels. Such Bulletins can further the cause of efficient and humane planet management and energy balancing in all fields - economic, cultural, educational, political, etc.

By not only studying the complex interactions of the fabric of life, but in learning to work together on volunteer projects, much may be accomplished towards resolving existing planetary dilemmas of increasing concern to all global residents. Perhaps this list can serve as a model for discussing potential new UN directions for the future, and learn to interact at both local and international levels to assist its humanitarian concerns.

It can also serve to interlink the many non-governmental associations who share an active interest in the UN & Agencies, with the campus academic/student communities around the world. Much open discussion towards possible future global processes might be debated on this list.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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