USDA-CES 4H Youth Program

USDA-CES 4H Youth Program

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One way to help with international development &/or technology transfer is to establish a subject matter data base with basic agriculture & family resource information, which would be available to classrooms around the world.

======================================================================== ANNOUCEMENT

======================================================================== Cooperative Extension Service of The University of California, Davis is making over eighty-five 4H Project Manuals in fifteen different project areas (from bee-keeping to public-speaking) available on the Internet.

This is a joint experimental project between University of California Cooperative Extension and the Tennessee State 4-H Program to test the limits of electronic technology in disseminating research information to the public.

California is converting the 4-H printed materials to electronic format, coordinating editing and updating of the material, and providing the technical services necessary to make the material accessible on the Internet. Tennessee is providing the educational materials for global dissemination. Tennessee and California subject-matter Specialists are volunteering their time and knowledge to assist young people in learning basic agriculture & family resource information. Additional 4-H projects will be added as the pilot project progresses.

Please direct any comments or problem areas to:

Penny L Risdon or Mina M Ostergard CES Volunteer Extension Computer Specialist




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--------------- gopher topic: Community Outreach/U. C. Cooperative Extension/4h-youth


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NOTE: The 4-H projects are available in Postscript format or as MSDOS self extracting WordPerfect 5.1 files.

If the WordPerfect self extracting files are requested via the almanac, they will be sent to you via e-mail in "uuencoded" format.

If your e-mail program does not have the capability to automatically convert ("uudecode") the e-mail message back to the WordPerfect 5.1 self extracting file, you can use an MSDOS program called uudecode.exe. uudecode.exe is public domain and is widely available via FTP over the internet (contact your local internet support staff).

After the WordPerfect self extracting file is received, enter .exe at MSDOS prompt to convert file to the .wpf WordPerfect 5.1 file. The fonts used in the WordPerfect files are Times 12 and 14.



4-H Youth Program

4-H is the comprehensive youth development educational program of the United States Department of Agriculture - Cooperative Extension Service, which endeavors to assist youth in becoming self-directing, contributing, and productive members of an interdependent global community. The concerns and needs of youth and their families are addressed by educational programs resulting from a collaboration of resources from land-grant universities, public or private agencies and organizations. The USDA-CES 4-H Program utilizes experimential learning opportunities to teach the latest research based subject matter knowledge while facilitating the development of skills for successful living. These life skills are: Understanding Self -- Understanding and developing a positive attitude toward self and the pursuit of personal potential. Acquiring, Analyzing and Using Information -- Developing an inquiring mind, knowing how to acquire, analyze and use knowledge. Problem Solving & Decision Making -- Involves the ability to examine a situation, generate alternatives, and make intelligent decisions. Managing Resources -- The identification, planning, organization and allocation of resources to meet goals. Communicating and Relating to Others -- Giving, receiving and exchanging information and interacting with others in a positive manner. Increasing leadership capabilities, being able to work with others in a group to accomplish group goals.


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