South African Political Documents Site

South African Political Documents Site

From: (P van Heusden) Newsgroups:,za.archives,za.politics,za.environment Subject: Announcing the South African political documents FTP site Date: 18 Jun 1994 15:25:56 +0200 Organization: University of Cape Town Message-ID: <2tusl4$>

Thanks to the archive space provided by Kurt Jaeger, there now exists an archive site for documents related to South African politics. The site is The initial announcement is displayed below. As the archive maintainer, I would like to extend an invitation to all organisations to supply electronic press releases and policy documents for inclusion in the archive.

I would like to move this archive to a site within South Africa, for obvious reasons, so could anyone who can supply a site please contact me.

Thanks, Peter

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This is the README file for the South African political documents archive. It was last updated on 17/06/94.

The following files are in the archive: [renamed for clarity]

anthem.txt - Nkosi sikelel' iAfrika, one of the South African national anthems. The other one is Die Stem, which is currently not included in the archive.

ardp.txt - The Abridged Reconstruction and Development Programme. This is a summary of the RDP (see below).

cabinet.txt - A listing of current members of the South African national cabinet and their portfolios.

const.txt - The South African Interim Constitution as of 25 January 1994. - A post-script version of the South African flag.

inaug.txt - The text of South African President Nelson Mandela's speech at his inauguration, at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, 10 May 1994.

rdp.txt - The Reconstruction and Development Programme. This is the African National Congress's stated socio-economic policy. To quote it: "The RDP is an integrated, coherent socio-economic policy framework. It seeks to mobilise all our people and our country s resources toward the final eradication of apartheid and the building of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist future."

Acknowledgements: Most of this material was collected from the Rhodes University Computing Services gopher (, which in turn is partly based on documents posted on USENET news. Other documents were supplied by the ANC Department of Information and Publicity (DIP). My thanks go to all such people who work to make information accessible on the Internet.

Peter van Heusden, archive maintainer,

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open cd pub/doc get za.tar

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How to get files from ?

Use anonymous ftp to Login with username ftp and use Your email address as password.

Send a mail to containing the line help in the mail body.

Use fsp to, port 21.

The other ways of access are currently not available because of system problems, but will be restored as soon as possible:

telnet to, login info.

Access it via X.25, login info. Go to directory /new-server. NUA (WIN, Datex-P): 0262 45050 966911 NUA (EuropaNet): 0204 3623 966911

ano-NFS for all file systems on the server is available as well. Use showmount -e to see what is there.

Hmm, there is some way for decnet access. Good luck !


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