PeaceNet- IGC/APC African Conferences

PeaceNet- IGC/APC African Conferences


From: "Arthur R. McGee" Since the IGC/APC Networks are already geared towards the types of issues and subjects that I normally compile lists for on the Internet, BITnet, Usenet, and BBSs, this will be a list of conferences available via the APC networks dealing with issues/subjects that interest me, Arthur R. McGee. :-D

If you don't already know what those subjects and issues are, you will find out soon enough. :-D I will say that my main interests in some way relate to people of African descent around the world. For those folk who are like minded, you should find something that interests you to some degree. Hopefully, I have saved you some effort and work, by making this list easily available. :-)

Please let me know of any updates, additions, corrections or suggestions that you might have. Thank you very much. Peace.

The absolute latest versions of all of my lists are always available via anonymous FTP from in directory pub/amcgee. The absolute latest versions of all the Black/African related lists are always available by sending email to or fingering the following account: Warning: all of the lists will come back to you as one concatenated file.

Remember: the above address is NOT for correspondence. If you want anything other than a list sent back to you, use the email addresses in my signature.

The absolute latest versions of all the Black/African related lists are also always available on the BDPA BAC BBS(1-707-552-3314) and on the Data Bits Online BBS(1-213-295-6094) in the following files:

PEACENET.MSG = Conference List (not included in epsilon mail file) BLACKBBS.MSG = BBS List AFRIMAIL.MSG = Internet/BITnet Mailing Lists AFRINEWS.MSG = Usenet Newsgroups AFRISITE.MSG = Online Information Sites

Note: These naming conventions also hold true for the FTP archive. Note: The lists may also be available as bulletin items, so check the bulletin menu on each system for descriptive listings. This list is up to date as of OCTOBER 08, 1993.

African, Brazilian, or Caribbean related:

africa.glasnost current events and political change in Africa africa.horn development in the Horn of Africa news articles about the continent from several sources frontline states. Posted weekly from Harare, Zimbabwe aia.samples samples from the news service, Africa Info Afrique area for campaigning on South Africa and apartheid ax.brasil exchange of information and opinion about Brazil ax.crono summaries of general news releases from the Brazilian press bitnet Mailing list about Africa(same as AFRICA-L) brasil.noticia brasil.noticias will contain the news from brasil newspapers all aspects of environment and development in Africa news and information from and about Africa geo2.antiapart a read only conference about anti-apartheid efforts geo2.safrica postings from the African National Congress hiv.south summaries of media coverage of AIDS issues in Brazil info about human rights in the countries of Africa only ips.southafric articles from Inter Press Service concerning South Africa list.africana echoes the Bitnet list on information technology in Africa list.afriqnews echo of Internet mailing list about Africa list.camnet internet Mailing list for Cameroon development & technology mideast.nafric news and Actions of North Africa (the Maghreb) newsletters concerning the delegations to and from Mozambique pt.brasil material from the Worker's Party of Brazil news and discussion of events all over Africa reg.carib news and information about the Caribbean reg.puertorico information and research on the status of Puerto Rico reg.safrica news, information and discussion about Southern Africa safrica.ancsta statements from the ANC pertaining to South Africa safrica.drough discussion of the southern African drought situation news events that make for the South African transition issues pertaining to African Americans. A UseNet newsgroup soc.cult.brazi Brazil and it's people soc.cult.carib discussion of the Caribbean UseNet conference containing discussions about Africa soc.culture.afri Afro-American issues/concerns (soc.culture.african. american) weekly bulletin on events in Southern Africa sscan.samples bulletin on events in Southern Africa action network on Southern Africa, Middle East, etc.

Other valuable conferences:

gen.racism racism and other forms of color-based discrimination igc.netnews news about the APC networks and developments within intl.economics Discussion of a variety of international economic issues ips.english Current, English-language news from Inter Press Service ips.espanol Current, Spanish-language news from Inter Press Service ips.ginespanol news stories from Inter Press Service, in Spanish ips.opecna Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries News Agency justice.comm connects people organizing in low-income communities of color Middle East news from IPS and other alternative news services prn.radionews news and current affairs from Public Radio News Service (PRNS) twn.features notes and features from the Third World Network coalition annotated lists of third world related resources Newsletter of the United Nations Information Center daily alternative news from shortwave radio sources worldwide worldp.samples alternative news from shortwave radio sources worldwide

International/Sustainable Development(includes Global Networking):

at.general 'appropriate' solutions for ecological and int'l development at.library 'database' of documents related to appropriate technology ax.fondad forum on Debt and Development (FONDAD) bitl.devel bitnet mailing list about development issues ccn.capacity Info on U.S. carrying capacity issues & CCN's newsletter community Economic Development ced.oz socially just and sustainable local economic development csd.general about the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development data.farmnet sustainable agriculture, rural land degradation, etc. forum for people working in development/global education dev.internatio international development issues dev.inttrade International trade and its impact on development econ.saps halting IMF and World Bank structural adjustment programs edet.earthkeep UK NGOs building bridges between environment &development en.agriculture alternative agriculture, rural sociology, agroeconomics, etc. sustainable energy use en.ruraldev aiding problems in rural areas with telecommunications env.islands conf. on the Sustainable Development of Small Island states gain.general a communication point for GAIN staff, members, etc. gain.justice environmental concerns that relate to social/economic justice geo2.satisfact Global Union for Tech. for Enviro. and Sustain. Development gn.techaid provide tech assistance to projects mainly in Third World hr.development news and information on the right to development hunger.general issues, events and activities concerning world hunger hunger.general Issues, events and activities concerning world hunger iisd.sourcebk key sources of information on Sustainable Development inc.desert a convention to combat desertification and/or drought intl.volunteer International volunteer work for peace and environment link.library linking librarians in the South with Northern colleagues list.econdev using information in regional economic development lrrd.journal livestock Research for Rural Development News of the United National Non-Governmental Liaison Service population the problem of overpopulation rainfor.general information and discussion about global rainforest issues rainfor.timber the fate of wood products from our world's rainforests rainfor.worldbank World Bank activities pertaining to rainforest issues spc.ngoinun NGO influence in the United Nations susag.agenda21 int'l Sustainable Agriculture Conference in June, 1993 int'l Sustainable Agriculture Conference in June, 1993 susag.library repository of documents relevant to sustainable agriculture wrm.rainforest threats to forests and their peoples and official solutions

Indigenous/Native Peoples:

gen.nativeam Discussion of Native American issues gen.nativenet issues related to indigenous peoples of the world gn.tribalsurvive issues pertaining to the survival of indigenous peoples hgw.action info on the Healing Global Wounds events planned in October hr.indigenous materials on the issue of indigenous peoples and human rights iearn.fp study of the First Peoples from around the World indig.planning int'l networking of native american and indigenous groups native.1492 observing the quincentenary of the voyage of Columbus native Education mailing list conference health of ingigenous peoples native.lang traditional languages of aboriginal or indigenous peoples oz.blackrights information and discussion of aboriginal rights in Australia pfjp.fast1492 mourning the victims of the Columbus legacy web.native native Canadian issues

Social/Progressive Activism:

adf.ngonews human rights and civic organizations supported by ADF ai.letter urging gov't officials to release prisoners of conscience alt.activism.d useNet newsgroup that is a subset of alt.activism alt.activism a UseNet conference about political activism Discussion and information about community radio the International Peace Bureau echoes the Bitnet ACTIV-L mailing list media.issues media, the democratic control of it, and alternative media misc.activism. progressive activism ( monthly email dispatch of New Liberation News Service 'Nonviolence Today' nonviolent.act practice of nonviolent civil disobedience soc.rights.human human rights & activism (e.g., Amnesty International) youth.activism use of electronic technologies by young people for organizing use of electronic technologies by young people for organzing

Art "Rambo" McGee NETCOM:[] ( in pub/amcgee for my "stuff") CTP/CORE:[] (Experimental system for education/tech) PeaceNet:[igc:amcgee] (Best place to find Int'l Development related info) WELL:[amcgee] (May be hosting a Black or African oriented conference) AfriInfo:[] (Email/Finger for Black/African Info) BDPA BAC:[1-707-552-3314] to [Arthur McGee] (Co-Sysop. Lists are also here) DataBits: [1-213-295-6094] to [Arthur McGee] (BDPA Los Angeles Member/ Mascot) CIS: [72377,1351] (I loiter in TELECOM, EFFSIG, IBMBBS, and ISSUES) AOL: [amcgee] (Will Black Enterprise, Emerge, Vibe, etc., be online?!] Voice: [1-310-320-BYTE] (Cool, eh dude? :-D That's 1-310-320-2983)

* (c)1993 Arthur R. McGee & The Association for Progressive Communications(APC)

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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