SUBJECT: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE MSA-NET From: (Thomas (Aalim Zakee) Fevens) Newsgroups: soc.culture.arabic Date: 9 Nov 93 12:54:53 GMT Reply-To: ("Aalim Zakee Fevens")

Assalamu 'Alaikum!

This email is to inform Muslim Students regarding the new procedure to subscribe to the MSA-Net. Following is an excerpt from article B of the MSA-Net Charter. You will be put on the MSA-Net mailing list when the following information is recieved by the MSA-Net Maintainer at

=> Your Full Name; Email Address; Postal Address; Major/Area of Research; Religion.

Also, the MSA-Net is available in Daily Digest format. Please indicate if you would prefer this format, where you would recieve only one email daily with the day's postings compiled; otherwise you will be added to the regular mailing list and recieve the individual postings via email.

--------------------------excerpt from charter--------------------------

B. Membership

---------- MSA-Net membership is open to all Muslim students without regard to race, color, gender, age, national origin, or political affiliation. The MSA-Net is also open to non-student Muslims with an interest in MSA issues.

For the purposes of membership, a Muslim is deemed to be either a Sunni or Shia Muslim (noting that some extreme sects claiming to be Sunni or Shia are, in fact, considered non-Muslim). Persons professing to other religions may be permitted to join the MSA-Net on the condition that they do not seek to publicize their religion (although, as a rule, non- Muslims are not permitted to join the MSA-Net). Groups or organizations wishing to join MSA-Net must delegate a self-appointed representative.

To join one MUST send in the following information to the Maintainer:

Name (real): Aliases (if any, including e-mail aliases): E-mail address : Postal address: Major/Area of Research: Religion:

Any other information is optional.

A person will not be put on the net until the above information is received. It is the responsibility of the person to send in the above information. The Maintainer is only obliged to send one message indicating an application is incomplete and requires the above information.

Please note that everyone is asked to declare their religion. It will not be assumed that the religion is Islam by default. Applications by non-Muslims will have to be approved by the Shura Commitee.

-----------------------------end of excerpt-----------------------------

Wassalamu 'Alaikum, Msa-Net Administrator

PS, The MSA-Net is not to be confused the MSA-L Listserve list at psuvm.bitnet, which is open to anyone.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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