"ZA" Newsgroups

"ZA" Newsgroups

Newsgroups: soc.culture.african From: (F. Jacot Guillarmod) Subject: Re: African Languages Message-ID: Organization: Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa Date: Sun, 20 Feb 1994 17:07:11 GMT

====================================================================== For your newsgroups file: za.culture.xhosa Ingxoxo ngolwini, amasiko nezithete zakwaXhosa.

An alternative entry for the newsgroups file is: za.culture.xhosa For discussions of Xhosa language and culture.

The charter, more or less, is:

Singwenela ingcamango ngolwimi, izibhalo, amasiko nezithethe zamaXhosa jikelele. Sinawo nomdla wokunyathela kwizinto ezichaphazela amaXhosa ngokubanzi, kwakunye nokukhuthaza abo banomdla ekufundeni olulwimi.

Articles in and about the Xhosa language, literature, culture and customs are welcome. Issues affecting Xhosa speakers may be discussed, and encouragement given to those wishing to know more about the language.

======================================================================= Here is some information on how to obtain the "za" regional newsfeed:


"za" regional newsgroup hierarchy 1994/02/16

--------------------------------- The following newsgroups have recently been created, and should be available on your system if you're accessing news from a site in Southern Africa. The "za" hierarchy is a rationalised replacement for the older "uninet" and "sanet" regional news hierarchies, which were used for discussions on various topics of local (i.e. Southern African) interest. These newsgroups are propagated to a large number of systems in this part of the world, and definitely also find their way to systems in the U.S. and Europe. Persons or sites in the U.S. wanting to receive some or all of these groups should contact Randy Bush - - in Portland, OR, to discover the best method of doing so. Looking for a job?/Offering a job? Want a lift from Bulawayo to Cape Town via Durbs? For sale/to swap/wanted to buy za.archives Who's got what, where... and how... za.culture.xhosa Ingxoxo ngolwini, amasiko nezithete zakwaXhosa. * za.culture.xhosa For discussions of Xhosa language and culture. Discussions on the use of computers in education za.environment Environmental issues in Southern Africa Conferences, events and happenings nationally za.flame A cool imitation of the real thing za.humour Humour/jokes/fun za.misc General chat, comments, announcements etc Local UUCP maps [] (Moderated) Miscellaneous ramblings on networking in ZA Statistics on network usage, automated postings etc Announcements & feedback from the Uninet-ZA office (Moderated) za.politics Politics in Southern Africa za.schools Issues affecting primary and secondary education Finer points of jukskei or the Comrades marathon za.test Testing of news links and configurations za.unix.misc General discussion, questions & chat about Unix in ZA

Entries marked with an "*" provide alternative descriptors for the systems "newsgroups" file.

The following major news hubs are reportedly carrying the "za.*" hierarchy. If you want to receive the newsgroups, get your news administrator to ask one of these hub sites where to get a feed.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ San Franciso hub Washington DC area hub Washington DC area hub major hub in Taiwan Boston/New England hub major hub in the UK SouthEastern US hub new site (the guy that used to run hub in HongKong New Jersey major hub in germany the Usenet-to-Bitnet gateway site NY City hub major hub, national influence Toronto Canada hub Los Angeles hub Illinois St. Louis

------------------------------------------------------------------------ On-line Communicarions Services, San Jose UUnet, Virginia Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, San Francisco


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