MERIP Online

MERIP Online

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/* ---------- "MERIP's Report Now On-line!" ---------- */
From: George Gundrey

Sample articles from the Middle East Report is now available in the conference ''.

MERIP (Middle East Research and Information Project) has been publishing the bimonthly Middle East Report for 24 years and is particularly concerned with human rights, foreign intervention and social justice issues. MIDDLE EAST REPORT provides a lively, independent look at the region and US policy. Each issue tackles a special theme such as women's rights, democracy, the politics of food, political Islam or the arms race. For more information or to subscribe ($25), contact MERIP at:; (202) 223-3677; 1500 Mass. Ave. NW Suite 119, Washington, DC 20005.

Please visit the conference ''. You may also want to add that conference to your regular visit list. From conf? choose "m" for maintain then "a" for add then "".

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 1994
From: Arab World and Islamic Resources AWAIR 
Subject: MERIP online

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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