Introducing Africa Online (SM) Nairobi, Kenya

Introducing Africa Online (SM) Nairobi, Kenya

Karisi Communications, (Kenya) Ltd. is proud to announce Africa Online (SM), its newest service, in Nairobi, Kenya. Africa Online (SM) is a full fledged online system which provides subscribers with access to entertainment and productivity services such as local and Internet mail (including universal conferencing via Usenet Newsgroups and chat sessions) at prices and quality that are unmatched in the Kenyan marketplace.

Africa Online's services include the following:

* Electronic mail to local and any of the millions of Internet users.

* Electronic faxing to local and international destinations.

* Local and international electronic conferences including Usenet Newsgroups, Kenya-net and other Internet conferences.

* Local and international news, including Reuters, and AP, stock exchange results.

* Local forums on topics including IT, travel, health, and finance moderated by leading local experts.

* Easy-to-use, fully documented and commercially supported end-user software which enables new subscribers to subscribe themselves within minutes. Subscribers can connect to the system using either Macintosh, IBM-compatible PCs, or any other computer.

* Support for virtually every modem.

* Local access phone numbers in Nairobi.

* Highly trained staff with experience on the Internet in the United States.

* Ownership of, and 24 hour monitoring of, the link to the Internet.

* Special corporate electronic mail and other services, including Worldwide Web pages on Karisi Communications' WWW server (

* Local access via trunk lines from Uganda and Tanzania.

Africa Online's personnel have a combined 35 years of experience on the Internet and networking in the United States and East Africa. Their intimate knowledge of local conditions, positions them well to meet the region's electronic communications needs now and in the future.

For more information, or to request service, contact, or send a fax to +254- 2-243762 or call +254-2-243775. More information is also available at the www server located at the URL address

Karisi Communications (Kenya) Ltd.
P. O. Box 63017
Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: +254-2-243775
Fax: +254-2-243762

Africa Online is a Service Mark of Karisi Communications, Inc. and Karisi
Communications (Kenya) Ltd.

(c) 1995 All rights reserved.

From: Shikoli Wa Makatiani
Subject: Introducing Africa ONLINE(SM) Nairobi, Kenya.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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