Internet BBSs

Internet BBSs

INTERNET BBSs ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From: IN%"" 16-OCT-1991 11:21:12.49 To: Subject: Re: Current list of Internet BBS systems

I am requesting a current list of available Internet BBS systems. Below is a description of the University of Wisconsin's African Studies BBS. Unfortunately, this board is not Internet served. I've included a list at the end of this message. Do you have suggestions for creating a board which is both Internet compatible and phone dependent. I have many teachers who do not have access to the internet service; therefore, they require a phone connection which can be a long distance connection.

Systems on the Internet need to be able to service more than one user at a time, which can be difficult for PC-based bulletin board systems. I'd suggest trying a few of the systems in the list to see if the presentation format they offer would be appropriate for your material. The systems in the list are all reachable by telephone dial-up to the Internet, although the costs and procedures vary from system to system.

Another good contact to get more information about how to set up systems of this type is Dana Sitzler at Merit. Dana is working with K-12 institutions, and we've talked in the past about methods to set up Internet BBSes that can be used both from the Internet and via dial-up modems. Her mail address is

Feel free to draw on me if you have any questions or need any further information.

Jeff Marraccini <- Work Computing Resource Administrator <- Home Oakland University +1 313 370-4542 Rochester, MI USA 48309-4401 "The Computer is your Friend." Paranoia

From: tak2@Ra.MsState.Edu (Thomas A. Kreeger) Subject: Internet BBS list Lines: 367

I am sorry to see that the Apolloline Australia Multiline (sp?)

bbs never said whether their site was Telnetable or not. I

hope that someone clears this up, I would love to add them to

the list.

I added the TriState FreeNet, and the Hall of Doom bbs to the

list. I have also corrected the Websters entry and the National

Ham Radio Callsign entry as well. Hopefully no one will have

problems with these anymore.

For those just joining us, I think I should explain this list

a little. I asked upon joining this group for Internet BBS's,

already having a sizable list myself, I was hoping to find more.

I recieved a flood or responses and promised to post these to

this group. After a couple of weeks, I finally had a list that

I was proud to claim as my own. I have tried to post this list,

and its updates on a weekly basis to this group, every Monday.

I have also tried to keep daily updates available at the Wuarchive

site, listed in the Forward of the list. As soon as classes

become more familiar, I should be able to keep more regularity

to this list, but in the mean time, everyone will have to accept

what I can get out to you.

Enjoy the list, and tell me what you think of these bbs's. I

really would like to know, so that I can give more information

in the list.

Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List


Publishing Info: 8/4/91, with the wonderful textedit

publishing system.

Availablity: FTP or download at in /pub.

E-mail request at


Posted on alt.bbs.internet,

every so often.


The folling list has been compiled with the help of the

wonderfully generous crowd 'o folks who associate with

InterNet or UseNet. I owe them many thanks and please

keep the info coming.

I, and many others have a few things to say about these

BBS's in general. So bear with me, or skip ahead, but do

take a look later.

1). These BBS's are provided as a service to anyone

on Internet. Not just you.

2). While you may not directly pay for these services

someone does.

3). You are a guest, and please keep that in mind

while using these BBS's

Okay, that wasn't so bad after all.

Most of these BBS`s offer services unique to BBS'ing.

Some offer small scale versions of standard Internet

sevices. Keep in mind that mail or articles posted

on BBS's does not reach everyone in the world, and if

you can get to UseNet, you will problably find better

responses. Most of the files on these BBS`s can be

found by anonymous FTP, so don't tie up the system

with files if you have FTP. Do be considerate on these

BBS`s, some people aren't using Telnet or Rlogin to get

to these, some people still dial numbers with modem

thingies at there homes. :-)

I'm not going to say anymore, because you can figure

most of this out for yourselves. Enjoy the list and

write back to tell me about these BBS`s. I want to

add as much info to these as possible. A little

abstract, such as services, will be great.

======================================================================== 8/4/91 Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu



Arkansas BBS bbs XBBS -- -- UseNet, IRC -- I must have gotten on here once, because -- I find that I have stuff available -- listed under it. This entry was listed -- twice, once as Unknown. The stuff avail, -- was under the Unknown entry. Strange, write -- if you know anything about this.

BadBoy`s Inn bbs Pirate 2.0 -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail -- Test site for new Pirate Software. -- Pirate 2.0 kicks, if it would work -- all the time!

Campus_d LOGIN CAMPUS_D -- -- Currently down and contemplating -- permanent removal. (8/2/91) -- Send comments/condemnations/pleading/ -- apologizing/reminiscing/etc. to -- DEN@UMDE.DBRN.UMICH.EDU

Cimarron (in Spanish) bbs Pirate 1.0 -- -- Nice BBS, too bad it is all in Spanish. -- Good place to get aquainted with if you -- are trying to learn Spanish, lots o -- conversations to look at. -- PS. could someone tell me what Cimarron -- means in Spanish, or any language for -- that matter.

Cleveland Free-Net ( CWRUBBS -- ( -- ( -- -- -- -- Usenet, Internet, MUD, Clarinet, USA Today -- ON-Line. Local mail, and Interest Groups.

CueCosy cosy Cosy 4.0 -- -- Conferences and Topics. EAN Mail, Usenet -- FTP, downloads Kermit & Xmodem, Online -- Unix course, some local files.

Cybernet Waffle BBS bbs Waffle -- -- Nice BBS, but I still haven't gotten -- word on whether I have been validated or -- not. And no response to my mail either. -- Lots'o conferences, and Magpie Chat. -- info for Floridians, GNU, computers,alternate -- PUBNET, recreational, science, social, Unix-PC -- Unsure about files, but still nice.

Delft University BBS BBS -- -- In Holland, Mostly Dutch. -- Files, messages, Chat area's

Endless Forest 2001 -- 2001 -- Boards, E-mail. Reminds me of WWIV BBS.

Hall of Doom -- -- login as WEATHER, passwd WEATHER -- select 666 -- login as new.

Heartland Peoria Illinois FreeNet -- fnguest -- -- Mail, Public Forum, Recreation, Calendar, -- Social services, Senior center, Teen center, -- Local job & government info, Legal, Medical, -- Tax, & Invest/Banking Forums -- SIG's, library, Home & Garden, Science & Tech, -- & Education Forums

ISCA iscabbs DOC (Citadel) -- -- --

Mars Hotel Mars.EE.MsState.Edu bbs Pirate -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, IRC, Mail. -- Fairly extensive files, -- ftp'able, Kermit,XYZmodems,

National Education BBS bbs Pirate -- -- -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail. -- 'source' file section, but no files (8/2/91)

Naval Acadamy BBS -- Single User BBS, boring.

Nyx BBS new -- -- (was unreachable last try)

OuluBox (Finnish) box -- -- Can set English as prefered language, -- said to switch to Finnish at the most -- inconvenient time. IRC

Quartz Quartz.Rutgers.Edu bbs Citadel -- -- Rooms/Boards -- Suggest MUD to chat.

Samba North Carolina bbs Modified XBBS -- -- (919)-962-9911 -- offers vi, emacs, rn, NEWS, MAIL -- local messaging, SIGS, Conferencing -- Files (Kermit/FTP), & INFO -- limited NewsFeed (8/2/91)

Softwords COSY cosy Cosy --

SpaceLink BBS --

Spies In The Wires bbs -- -- Full UseNet NewsFeed, Posting to UseNet, -- IRC (for validated users).

TriState Online visitor FreeNetIII -- new FreeNet site.

Virginia Tech Cosy ? -- cosyreg -- bbs (for list)

Youngstown Free-Net visitor --

Unknown bbs --

Unknown 20 --

======================================================================== SERVICES

The following is a list of useful services that most BBS'ers are interested in. I have not checked any of these except Archie. If you have more info about these or if you know of other to add, please mail me: Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu. I will make the changes and post the list again. Enjoy. :-)

======================================================================== Service Address Login


Archie archie --

DDN Network Information Center -- -- TACNEWS, WHOIS Server, NIC

Enter name to find address for -- 5555 -- I don't know about this one guys. -- I tried and couldn't get past -- the login prompt, and using the -- port made it made, because my site -- didn't send its ID

Full unix site. guest --

-- Money for access.

GeoServer 3000 --

IRC Client -- -- not all IRC commands supported.

Lookup Books -- -- lookup books by Title, Author -- ISBN number, etc.

Lyric Server ftp -- these files are available via -- anonymous ftp. This is not -- really a telnetable service, but -- it is nice to know about so I -- included it.

National Ham Radio Call-Sign Callbook -- 2000 -- marvin.cs.Buffalo.Edu

NCSU Services INFO or PUBLIC --

Network Information Service -- --, 117 Network Library System

Nslookup, TAC Info --

Slugnet chat system --, 2727 -- sorta like IRC

UM-Weather Service 3000 -- 3000

Vatech Server --

Webster 2627 2627

Thomas A. Kreeger Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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