INFOBITS Newspaper

INFOBITS Newspaper

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 93 09:57:38 -0500 From: CAROLYNK Subject: IAT INFOBITS-Nov. '93

IAT INFOBITS November 1993 No. 5 ISSN 1071-5223


INFOBITS is an electronic service of the Institute for Academic Technology's Information Resources Group. Each month we monitor and select from a number of information technology and instruction technology sources that come to our attention and provide brief notes for electronic dissemination to college and university educators.

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THE SCIENTIST is a biweekly newspaper for scientists and the research community. It is circulated internationally to researchers, administrators, and policy makers in academia, industry, and government. It covers current issues and events that impact the professional research environment--including funding legislation, new grants, employment and salary trends, career advancement opportunities, ethics and conflicts of interest, representation of women and minorities in science, and the interplay of industrial, academic, and governmental research.

It is now available electronically--in full text and free of charge--on the Internet. Issues from November 1992 onward are available.

Via FTP: ftp login as: anonymous for password, type in your internet address at ftp prompt type: cd pub/the-scientist at next prompt type: dir (This will list the files in The Scientist directory.) type: get (and the issue you wish to retrieve) To leave the server, type: quit Via Gopher: from your Gopher client, connect to 70 from the menus presented choose: InterNIC Directory and Database Services (AT&T) then, InterNIC Database Services (Public Databases) and finally, The Scientist - Newsletter Via Email: To request The Scientist from the AT&T email server, send a message to: with the following line in the body (not the subject) of the message: file /ftp/pub/the-scientist/the-scientist-yymmdd change "yymmdd" to the issue date you want


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INFOBITS is published by the Institute for Academic Technology. The IAT is a national institute working to place higher education at the forefront of academic technology development and implementation. A partnership between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and IBM Corporation, the IAT strives to facilitate widespread use of effective and affordable technologies in higher education.

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