Human Rights Network (HRNet)

Human Rights Network (HRNet)

From: (Debra Guzman) Organization: Human Rights Network - HRNet Subject: HRNET Information Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1993 06:19:00 +0100


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Human rights information has become an important factor in the development of electronic communications and the growth of communication networks committed to social change.

Nowhere else is there such an abundance of up-to-date information available on all aspects of human rights and nowhere else do activists have an almost uncensored access to a mass medium for publicising and exchanging their point of view.

History of HRNet


As APC's Human Rights Coordinator, Debra Guzman played an important part in that development that is best reflected by the popularity of the set of HR-conferences created and facilitated by her on the APC-networks.

By scanning a wide range of sources on computer networks, list servers and numerous contacts aquired in her previous work for one of the largest human rights organisations, she has made those conferences the first place to go if you are looking for valuable up-to-date information on almost any aspect of Human Rights.

The Concept of HRNet


HRNet as an independent project is setting out to ensure the continuation of this work by offering human rights information to a wider variety of networks and individuals.

HumanRightsNet (HRNet) will be a human rights information service comprised of multi-lingual information on all aspects of human rights on an international level.

Information will come from NGOs, individuals, UN bodies, and network resources internationally. All information will be carefully cited as to original source.

Information will be organized into the following subject areas for dissemination: women children indigenous refugees development conscientious objection Africa Americas Asia/Pacific Europe/Middle East general UN information official UN documents general NGO and CBO information human rights education racism and xenophobia

New areas will be added as the need arises.

All information will be edited (if necessary), cleaned up for distribution, and will receive additional information if needed. In the case of information from NGOs or CBOs organizational information can be added at the end of any document.

All information in HRNet will also be subject to inclusion into a database for publication on disk or other media to make it available to as many human rights activists as possible.

HRNet is a cost recovery operation. While it has to generate enough money to cover our costs, it will be offered at the cheapest rates possible. If grant funding permits, subscribers from developing countries will be able receive HRNet for free.

HRNet Prices


Due to a donation from a Canadian sponsor and support from EUNet Germany, HRNet will be offered for free for a six month evaluation period. Prices after this evaluation period will depend on the availability of grant-funding and the number of networks subscribing to HRNet.

They will be announced at least a month before the end of this evaluation period.

How to get HRNet


ComLink Users of the German APC-Partner ComLink and its subsystems can find HRNet's information in the /HRNET-conference tree.

Web Users of these APC-systems please look Pegasus for conferences with the prefix hrnet or GreenNet contact your local support for help. IGC

EUNet EUNet customers can receive HRNet with their regular newsfeed. Please contact EUNet Support for details.

All other systems

Users whose home systems have no contract with HRNet can still subscribe to all of the HRNet conferences with our following service offers:

HRNet personal mail service

The HRNet personal mail service is a full equivalent of the HRNet conferences available on some news systems around the world. Every article posted in the conferences will be sent to you as personal mail. Articles from the different HRNet-conferences will originate from different addresses so that you can easily distinguish them in your email-box. You may pick and choose from among the 16 HRNet current conferences to be delivered to you.

Internet access to HRNet

Users having access to the telnet-service of their home systems may also choose to directly access the HRNet conferences via telnet login to POP Hamburg.

You will receive a login name and password and may telnet into POP Hamburg where you can interactively read in any of the HRNet conferences (gopher service).

Please note that due to the high cost of this service we could not include this into our free 6 month trial offer.

For international users this service will be charged for by volume: To start your subscription you buy access to a certain volume percentage of HRNets feed per month according to the table below.

users with in Germany: 0-100 % for 90 DM / 6 month

intl. users: 0- 10 % for $ 60 US / 6 month 11- 50 % for $150 US / 6 month 51-100 % for $300 US / 6 month

As soon as your account is created you may read as much as you like until you have received the volume percentage of HRnet's information.


For any further information on HRNet, please contact: or

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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