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Financial Economics Network

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Financial Economics Network 13 New Channels

AFA-MKTM (Market Microstructure) AFA-PERS (Personal Finance) AFA-VCAP (Venture Capital) AFA-SINV (Social Investing) AFA-EMKT (Emerging Markets) AFA-REG (Regulation) AFA-SOFT (Financial Software) AFA-INS (Insurance) AFA-INST (Teaching/Instruction) AFA-CFA (Financial Analysts) AFA-TECH (Technical Investment Analysis) AFA-ENVI (Environmental Fin) AFA-DEF (Defense/Military Reconfiguration)

We now have thirty-one different channels and over 2,400 subscribers

Although the Network was formed less than a month ago, there are already more than 2,400 subscribers, with nearly 200 being added each week. In less than a month, Financial Economics Network has become the largest electronic network in the world linking people with scholarly and practical interests in business and economics. And this does not include distribution points in the United States, Canada, the U.K France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Israel, South Africa, Zambia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malysia, Thailand. As part of our publicity campaign, we are miling (by fax and regular mail) this annoucement to many media contacts in the U.S. and around the world. If you know of a person, I should contact, please let me know.

Our goal is to make Financial Economics Network the best, largest and truly global network on the Internet -- equivalent to the Financial News Network on television (but with interactivity).

The Network consists of a master subscription, called AFA-FIN, with 31 channels. The current channels one may choose from are given below:

AFA-ACCT (Accounting and Finance) AFA-INV (Investments) AFA-AGE (Gerontology Finance) AFA-LE (Law & Economics) AFA-AGRI (Agricultural Finance) AFA-MATH (Mathematical Finance) AFA-BANK (Banking) AFA-MKTM (Market Microstructure) AFA-CORP (Corporate Finance) AFA-PERS (Personal Finance) AFA-CFA (Financial Analysts) AFA-PUB (Public Finance) AFA-DER (Derivative Securities) AFA-REAL (Real Estate) AFA-EMKT (Emerging Markets) AFA-S-IV (Small Investor) AFA-ECMT (Econometrics and Finance) AFA-SBUS (Small Business Finance) AFA-EDU (Education Finance) AFA-SINV (Social Investing) AFA-HEAL (Health Finance) AFA-SOFT (Financial Software) AFA-INS (Insurance) AFA-VCAP (Venture Capital) AFA-INST (Teaching/Instruction) AFA-WA-R (Real Estate in WA state) AFA-INT (International Finance) AFA-REG (Regulation) AFA-TECH (Technical Investment Analysis) AFA-ENVI (Environmental Financ AFA-DEF (Defense/Military Reconfiguration)

We welcome and encourage suggestions for other channels which would be useful to you and other subscribers. Because of subscriber suggestions, we will be adding channels on financial theory and financial engineering.

Additional plans for the Network include: an electronic phonebook in financial economics; electronic bulletin boards, called usenets, which may include such things as logs of FEN discussions, job openings, and resumes; virtual conferences on topics of interest to the financial community; Internet finance courses offered by world-reknown faculty; and possible electronic journals in financial economics.

None of this will come smoothly, of course. But we all firmly believe that projects such as the Financial Economics Network will fundamentally alter communication in financial economics in the coming years.

Any suggestions you have concerning the plans of Financial Economics Network are welcomed. We also welcome sponsorship of projects that will enhance services. Please contact Wayne Marr or John Trimble at the e- mail addresses and/or telephone numbers below.

Access to the Network is free. But you must request a subscription to be included. Please contact Wayne Marr at Clemson University or John Trimble at Washington State University; John Trimble's Internet address is; telephone: (206) 737-2039. Wayne Marr can be reached at his Internet address:; telephone (803) 656-0796 (voice) or send a facsimile to (803) 653-5516 (fax).

Founders of the Financial Economics Network Michael Jensen, Harvard University Wayne Marr, Clemson University John Trimble, Washington State University

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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