Caribbean Projects

Caribbean Projects

Newsgroups: soc.culture.african From: Richard Dennison Subject: *READ THIS! - Important New Developments* Message-ID: Date: Fri, 17 Jun 1994 15:57:49 GMT

To ALL concerned,

I hereby post another infrequent update on projects I have been pursuing till this point, in forwarding Caribbean interests in the Internet and beyond. For the sake of brevity, I man a go jus lis' dem.

1. A new Caribbean FTP site - directly under my control - has been created at in the directory /pub/MAC/CARIBBEAN (I know - a strange place to put it). Look there in coming weeks for high quality gifs, sound files, movie clips (mac), lyrics, valuable information files of all forms, etc. MOSAIC and GOPHER access will be implemented in a few weeks also, and goodies can be dropped off in the /pub/incoming directory. It will also serve as a general access site for quality shareware - MAC is heavily supported at the time. is another good reggae ftp site (of my good friend Michio Ogata - whom I met on IRC channel #Caribbean as Ninjaman), along with the one and only .

2. A Reggae/Caribbean Internet broadcast entity, REGGAE I-Net, successfully passed an initial trial I set up several days ago, and will be fully on-line in a matter of days as I collect material for it. I quote:

"History was made yesterday when the first live internet reggae broadcast mas made by Richard Dennison of Adelphi. Richard broadcast the sound tracks of the movie RED-X on internet reggae channel. He plans to continue such broadcast over noon hours (eastern time). To see the broadcast you need cu-SeeMe software and you must have tcp/ip or mactcp. This is a video conferencing software. You can get this software from this sites: or If you want more information please contact Richard at"

Nubi Achebo

Live Video and Sound - concurrently - via internet, for Mac and Windows. Once enough users have acquired and implemented the software, conferences will be set up. I plan to broadcast live from Jamaica once the cable access is finally secured (before year's end according to sources). I am awaiting email replies from my contacts in Jamaica (at UWI and CAST) for confirmation of this.

3. The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels #Caribbean and #Reggae have been up for almost a year, where one can log in and 'talk' via real time text exchange with users logged in to the channels from all over the world, including the Caribbean once direct internet connections are made. I will place an IRC information file on the site in the pub/MAC/communications/irc directory. This is the easiest form of interactive communication - ask your sysadmin about it. I am working on setting up a listing of irc clients for all platforms. If using UNIX, you can have an IRC client automatically compiled on your account by telnetting thus:

(a) Telnet to 1 | sh and the unix IRC client will be auto-compiled on your account. NOTE: the (1 | sh ) is necessary to initiate the autocompile, so do not forget to add it at the end of the When all done, type ./irc to begin.

4. Various lists, such as a Worldwide University Caribbean Club Listing (with email contacts), Current Music Chart Listing, Emailable sites/individuals as well as BBS # in the Caribbean and Latin America (with info on site development status), plus novelties such as a Patios Dictionary (updated) are being finished up for distribution.

There is more, but I think I have given enough info for now. Send email to to be included in the Caribbean mailing list, or for further info. I will reply as time allows. I may also be reached live on IRC (My nickname is RikkMon) on channels #caribbean, #reggae, #macintosh and #blaklife between the hours of 10 am and 7pm Mon, Thu, Friday - till 12 on Wed & Thu.

Until such time...Selah!

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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