Cairo Conference Homepage

Cairo Conference Homepage

The following is from the IGC (Econet/Peacenet) conference on the Cairo Conference (for more information on IGC, send a blank e-mail message to; and IGC has carried UN and NGO commentary on the Preparatory Committee meetings, and will cover the UN Congress on Population and Development itself).

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The Cairo Conference Homepage is now available for browsing. Point your favorite WWW software (Mosaic, Cello, Linx) at

We have gifs and jpegs of Sadiq, Mubarak and others, full hypertext of the Earth Negotiations BUlletin coverage, full text of the negotiating document in French, English and Spanish (with FTP capability for getting the document in Arabic, Chinese and Russian to come), maps of the NGO Forum site and http links into all of the government statements from the last PrepCom.

If you want to have your material available to our homepage, send us a URL. Of course, post everything in icpd.general but since the World Wide Web can't http link to items in APC conferences (yet) you might send us a copy and we willput it on our server as well. Send submissions to

We welcome your comments.

Kimo, Jeff, David and Vijay
(The Linkages Development Team)

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