Black Chat Groups

Black Chat Groups

You might like to know that I've been given an opportunity to add information on Black and African chat areas to a commercial Internet Access book called "Net Chat." (Part of the "Net Guide" series that is already in many chain bookstores.) They just called, and are working at light speed: they expect this thing to be finished by fall, and in bookstores by early '95.

It purports to be a guide to the general public to online chat areas and special interest communities, and will consist of short descriptions of newsgroups, mailing lists, and BBS's that bring together people of specific interests and orientations for social as well as business purposes.

Also, I am free to list as many chat areas as are seeking access to a wider public, so let everybody know that if they want to be a part of this, they should send me e-mail about what they have on offer. For instance, I know about electronic 'zines like HardCORE, and that there are Black singles groups online, and P-Funk and Prince fandoms online, and these sorts of pop culture chat groups are one area we'll cover. But I'd love to also include some of the more serious political discussion groups, so that people using this directory will know how to dial up important Black chat areas, and the proper etiquette for participation will be observed.

Sure. Forward away. Just tell them not to send full text of their online 'zines, if that's what they have. Just their own brief description of who they are, what they do, what they like to talk about, and what kinds of new subscribers or members they'd like to have. Then their correct NET address, and whatever service fees they require. Also, they should say if there are any restrictions: like forbidden language, behavior, or tech limitations that potential users should be aware of. Thanks.

Date: Wed, 03 Aug 94 11:56:24 EDT
Subject: Re: Black chat groups

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