Black Data Processing Associates, BDPANet Bulletin Board Systems

Black Data Processing Associates, BDPANet Bulletin Board Systems

Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA)
nationwide network of computer bulletin boards.

* Currently consists of Seventeen boards which exchange messages every night.

* National Hub is Detroit, Mi.

* Western Regional Hub is Bay Area, Ca.

* MidWestern Regional Hub is Chicago, Ill.

* BDPA Members from all over the country dial into the hub if they don't have a local net connected BBS.

* BDPANet Users can post messages to this extended community.

                  BDPA Bulletin Board Systems
                       BDPANet August/94
BDPA Atlanta           (404)-381-5285 14400  Atlanta, Ga.
BDPA BAC               (707)-552-3314 28800  Bay Area, Calif. Western Hub
BDPA Cleveland         (216)-663-6020  2400  Cleveland, Oh
Nefertiti              (312)-488-8969 14400  Chicago, Ill  MidWestern Hub
InfoFlight             (513)-527-4603 14400  Cincinnati, Oh
Minority Affairs       (214)-517-7254 14400  Dallas, Tx
CEBEC                  (513)-276-9562 14400  Dayton, Oh
BDPA Online            (313)-864-2372 14000  Detroit, Mi. National Hub
*PYRAMID*              (810)-238-4830 28800  Flint, Mi.
Data Bits Online       (213)-737-2963  9600  Los Angeles, Calif
UPTown Station         (402)-551-4216 14400  Omaha, Ne.
Holman's World         (718)-529-8890 14400  New York, NY.
BDPA NY                (212)-868-0720  9600  New York, NY.
BDPA Philadelphia      (215)-842-9282 14400  Philadelphia, Pa.
Systems Engineering!   (517)-792-8597 24000  Saginaw, Mi.
BDPA GSFV              (818)-363-4165 14400  San Fernando Valley, Ca.
Silicon Valley/Exodus  (408)-929-7038 28800  Silicon Valley, Ca.
Please support our growing BDPANet!
Take the time and log onto the BBS closest to you....

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Willie J. Mackey

Newsgroups: soc.culture.african.american
Subject: Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) BDPANet - Bulletin Board Systems
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 01:58:03 GMT

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