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From: (Abdulkader Khattab) Date: 19 Aug 93 17:07:20 GMT Followup-To: soc.culture.arabic Organization: Queen Mary College

A copy of the Quran in Arabic is now available from American Arab Scientific Society, amass [] which can be used with EasyView program as on line Quran. It is in a Macintosh BinHexed/compressed form. You can download it by anonymous ftp from the directory /amass/quran. The file saved there under the name "arabic-by-eyler.hqx". You need to:

First, move it to your Macintosh computer. Second, DeBinHex it. Third, DeCompress it.

You will end up with a folder called "QuranArabic Folder" which contains two files, "Kuran" and Kuran Kerim".

To use the on line facility, you need EasyView program which is also available from amass directory. Copy EasyView into your harddisk and make sure that the two files "Kuran" and Kuran Kerim" are in the same folder. Double click on the file "Kuran Kerim", EasyView will display a window divided into two halves. The lower half is for the Arabic text and the top half is shared between the names of the quranic suras and the number of the first Ayah displayed in the lower part of the window.

Note that you have to have the Arabic resources (Script and Fonts) installed into your Macintosh system before using it, otherwise you will not be able to read the Arabic scripts. You can use Arabic System software which is available from [] from the directory:


EasyView will allow you to search for any specific Sura, Ayah or word in the whole quran in a matter of seconds. To search for a word in the quran:

1- Scroll to the first surah (i.e surat Al-Fatiha) and highlight it by clicking once on it. 2- Choose "Find..." from search menu. 3- Type in the word you are looking for in the dialog box and press return.

To look for its second occurance, choose "Find again" from search menu.

I recommend you to read the file "EasyView - readme" to help you using EasyView program.

The text has been revised to avoid any typing mistake, but PLEASE email me if you find any typing mistake to correct it immediately.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Name: Abdulkader Khattab | Queen Mary & Westfield College email: | Department of Electronic Engineering | Mile End Road | London E1 4NS, England, UK.


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