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From: (Ahmed Bouzid) Date: 13 Aug 93 17:16:18 GMT Sender: Organization: VPI&SU Computer Science Department, Blacksburg, VA

Essalam, Azul, Sahitou, Ahlan, Merhba: I have been collecting some files here and there that may be of interest to Algerians and they are now available in an anonymous ftp site. I give below the instructions and the list of files available. ("a-net" refers to algeria-net.) I was thinking that maybe we could expand this idea to have files that could be of interest to other countries of the Maghreb. If anyone is interested in developing the idea further, let me know.... ar tufat, tebqaw Ela xiir, Sahitou, a la prochaine, besslama Ahmed


-------------------------- | A - N E T L I B R A R Y |


------------------------------------------------------------------- | Some files that may be of interest to a-netters have been placed | | in an anonymous ftp site. Below you will find a description of | | the procedure to get access to the system, plus a listing of the | | files that are present there now. If you have any files that you | | think will be useful to us all, send them to me and I'll take | | care of placing them, with the help of Imed. |



I. Login Procedure II. Files currently in a-net library

------------------ I. LOGIN PROCEDURE


Site is:

1. Get to the ftp site by entering: ftp

2. When you get a prompt for a userid, type: anonymous

3. When you are prompted for a password, enter your email address (e.g., I'd enter

4. Now you are in, at the top directory. You need now to get to the information directory, so type: cd pub/mbarki/information

5. In this directory you will find files on Islam, and a directory called algeria. If you want access to that directory type: cd algeria

6. Two directories are under the algeria directory: misc and culture Check each for what you want

7. When within any of these directories you can fetch files and bring them to your own system. To do this just type: get For example, if you want to get the travel file, you just type: get travel

8. To go up one directory (e.g., from misc to algeria) just type: cd ..

9. To leave, just type: quit

--------- II. FILES


------------------------------------------------------------- pub/mbarki/information/algeria/misc/

* gov-pol Addresses and phone #'s of newspapers, ministries, etc., in Algeria.

* univs

* travel Information on travel agencies that may be of interest to people going to Algeria.

* Some basic information about Algeria (e.g., economy, geography, political structure, etc.).

* algeria-media

* us-media Addresses and phone numbers of US media (newspapers, televisions stations, etc.).

* projects A list of projects that some a-netters are heading, with a brief description of each project and an email address of the person to contact to find out more.

------------------------------------------------------------- pub/mbarki/information/algeria/culture

* guerouabi Guerouabi song transcriptions: - "niir l-Graam" - "ya bnelwercaan" - "quulet laala"

* meskoud Meskoud song transcriptions: - "l-Eas.ima"

------------------------------------------------------------- pub/mbarki/information/

* quran-index Index of Quran by theme and subject.

* prophet.sermon Prophet sermon on Ramadhan.

* prophet.stories Stories about the Prophet (FRENCH).

* bukhari File containing Aahadit Sahiih Bukhari.

* islam.essays File containing commentaries and discussions on Islam-related topics.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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