Electronic Outreach Service, U. Wisconsin African Studies Program

Electronic Outreach Service, U. Wisconsin African Studies Program

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Please share this information with your students, colleagues, and constituents. The Wisconsin African Studies Program Outreach Director holds a part-time position for the academic year 1994-95. The office will be open from 1:00-5:00 Central Time.


Since 1973, the African Studies Outreach Program, University of Wisconsin, (NDEA/HEA Title VI National Resource Center - African Languages and Studies) has disseminates information about Africa to constituents in the Upper-Midwest. An Africanist-educator directs this program to provide speakers, workshops/ institutes, resources, and consultation concerning Africa. Beginning in the late 1980s this service was expanded for national/international outreach through two computer services.


In November, 1989, the African Studies Program Outreach created the UW African Studies BBS, a dial-up/fidonet technology. In July, 1994, to meet the increasing demand for internet-compatible service, the outreach staff closed the UW African Studies BBS. The files are not located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison gopher server.

These files focus on African content only. In addition to bulletins concerning activities in the Madison, Wisconsin area, the African Studies files on the UW gopher offer information for scholars and educators (K-12) on various topics: grants, address lists, newsletters, conference programs, travel, publications, and so forth.

To access the files from the gopher, search the following:

	University of Wisconsin-Madison
		2.	Search All Titles
		8.	Courses, Programs, Registration Information
			1.	African Studies Program


SWAHILI - L (internet)

The African Studies Outreach Program created this service at the request of post-secondary teachers of Swahili and returned Peace Corps Volunteers in July, 1992. This distribution list promotes Swahili literacy and allows for an exchange of ideas on various topics written in Swahili. Over 185 persons are subscribers from around the world.

Persons interested in communicating in Swahili are welcome to subscribe (free) to the African Studies Outreach Program conversation board - Swahili-L.

	write for subscription
  	subscribe swahili-l  	
For additional information, contact:
	Outreach Director
	African Studies Program
	1454 Van Hise Hall
	1220 Linden Dr.
	Madison, WI  53706-1557
		tel. voice - 1 (608) 263-2171 (m) or 262-2380 (m)
		Fax - 1 (608) 265-5851

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