Africa BBSs - Other

Africa BBSs - Other

AFRICA BBSs ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ From: IN%"af614@yalevm.BitNet" 16-APR-1991 09:06:16.60 Subject: African BBS in Chacago and other information

Here is the information I have on the BBS operating out of Chicago. The original article appeared in USENET. As it is two years old, the BBS may no longer be operating. Following this, I have appended other information which I have saved from USENET which you two may find interesting. Stanley

======================================================================== Subject: THE AFRICAN BBS From: (Robert Kohout) Date: 6 Oct 89 18:53:47 GMT - <> Organization: University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

May I recommend a good place to post this article in addition to here. There is a bbs in Chicago called THE AFRICAN (312) 973-3551. It has been running for about seven months. The Sysop (Robert Ohues) is Nigerian. He has good ideas, but probably needs "involved" people to come on board with enthusiasm. He's trying to get a newsletter going, among other things.

======================================================================== Subject: Newsletter on African Technology From: (Mawuli I. Tse) Date: 12 Nov 89 00:12:52 GMT - <15816@bloom-beacon.MIT.EDU> Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The African Technology Forum (ATF) is coming out with a new issue in December. In case you have never heard of it, the ATF is a publication established in 1988 with the aim of promoting the effective application of technology on the African continent. Our last two issues have been well received, and I expect the next one to be even better.

I invite you to contribute material to the newsletter. It could be from any of the following sources:

--An original paper dealing with technological development in Africa --An extract from a research project, thesis or publication that is of significance to African issues --Previously published material that you think would be of interest to other subscribers to the Forum. --Letters, questions, newsclips, anything.

Full credit will be given to both the original author and the person submitting the article.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. Anyone who is interested in international development and technology has a place at the African Technology Forum. Thanks for your interest.

Mawuli Tse, Editor e-mail: phone: (617) 225-7438

======================================================================== Subject: Re: Newsletter on African Technology From: (Mawuli I. Tse) Date: 14 Nov 89 02:01:40 GMT - <15870@bloom-beacon.MIT.EDU> Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thanks for all the responses I received concerning the newsletter "African Technology Forum." Here is the subscription info:

Region Individual Institition

------------------------------------------- Africa US$8 $18 US/Canada $14 $28 Europe $14 $30

A subscription lasts four (4) issues. Back issues will be sent FREE, with paid subscription. Advertising rates are also available. The subscription is scaled on a rob-peter-to-pay-paul principle, for currency exchange reasons.

Mail subscriptions to: African Technology Forum MIT Branch Box 171 Cambridge, MA 02139

Thanks again for your interest!

======================================================================== Subject: BBC's NETWORK AFRICA (African music/news/views) From: kumard@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Deepak Kumar) Date: 5 May 89 02:52:20 GMT - <5682@cs.Buffalo.EDU> Organization: SUNY/Buffalo Computer Science

If interested and have a short-wave radio you can catch the BBC radio program---Network Africa on 9600 khz from 0600 to 0700 hrs UTC (which is 0200 to 0300 hrs EDT).

This is a good program on African news and views. They also play african and other music. Some of the music they play is recorded on the streets by various reporters.

Deepak. kumard@cs.buffalo.EDU kumard@sunybcs.BITNET kumard@sunybcs.UUCP Deepak Kumar, Dept. of CS, 226 Bell Hall, SUNY@Buffalo, NY 14260.

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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