AfriSite Internet Services

AfriSite Internet Services

01/22/94 14:51 This is a list of Gophers, FTP sites, BBSs, and Information Services that contain a significant amount of information related to Black/African people, culture, and issues, either in files or conferences. This includes (but is not limited to) info from those areas of the world with relatively high concentrations of Black or African descended people, namely, the African continent, Caribbean commonwealth, Brazil, and the United States of America.

* Also included(in other sections of the list) are resources relating to Ethnic/Intercultural Relations, International/Sustainable Development (includes Global Networking), and Social/Progressive Activism.

* Please let me know of any updates, additions, corrections or suggestions that you might have.

* Thank you very much. Peace.

* The absolute latest versions of all my Black/African related lists are always available via anonymous FTP from in directory:

* pub/amcgee/african/my_african_related_lists

* The absolute latest versions of all my Black/African related lists are also always available by sending email to or fingering the following account:

* AfriInfo: []

* Warning: all of the lists will come back to you as one concatenated file.

* Remember: the above address is NOT for correspondence. If you want anything other than a list sent back to you, use the email addresses in my signature.

* The absolute latest versions of all my Black/African related lists are also always available on the BDPA BAC BBS(1-707-552-3314) and on the Data Bits Online BBS(1-213-295-6094) in the following files:

* AFRIAPC.MSG = APC Conference List (not included in AfriInfo mail file) AFRIBBS.MSG = BBS List AFRIMAIL.MSG = Internet/BITnet Mailing Lists AFRINEWS.MSG = Usenet Newsgroups AFRISITE.MSG = Online Information Sites (Dialup/FTP/Gopher/Telnet)

* Note: These naming conventions also hold true for the FTP archive.

* Note: The lists may also be available as bulletin items, so check the bulletin menu on each system for descriptive listings.

* For the descriptions below, this is a legend for the access codes:

* D = Dialup | F = FTP | G = Gopher | T = Telnet

* This list is up to date as of JANUARY 02, 1994.



* AERN (Michel S. Perdreau) [RA.CS.OHIOU.EDU] G {Gopher Menu: Ohio University Departmental Gopher Servers/ African Education Research Network (AERN)/} Afro-Am History (Don Mabry) [FTP.MSSTATE.EDU] F {FTP Dir: pub/docs/history/USA/Afro-Amer} African Studies (Wendy Higgans) [608-262-9689] D Baobab (Bob Barad) [202-296-9790] D Caribbean Archive (Michio Ogata) [FTP.CC.U-TOKAI.AC.JP] F {FTP Dir: pub/Caribbean} [GOPHER.CC.U-TOKAI.AC.JP] G IFUSP (Fabio Becherini) [USPIF.IF.USP.BR] F/G/T MOLIS (Mike Vore) [FEDIX.FIE.COM] F/G/T [301-258-0953] D [800-783-3349] D PennInfo (Julie Sisskind) [GOPHER.UPENN.EDU] G [PENNINFO.UPENN.EDU] T [GOPHER-PENNINFO.UPENN.EDU] T {Gopher Menu: PennInfo via the Gopher->PennInfo Gateway/ PennInfo/ Interdisciplinary Programs/ African Studies/} {Telnet Menu: Interdisciplinary Programs African Studies} Reggae Archives (Mike Pawka) [MONKFISH.NOSC.MIL] F {FTP Dir: pub/reggae} [JAMMIN.NOSC.MIL] F Rhodes U. (F. Jacot Guillarmod) [FTP.RU.AC.ZA] F {FTP Dir: pub/doc} [GOPHER.RU.AC.ZA] G {Gopher Menu: Rhodes University/ Networking in Southern Africa. South African Gophers/} UT-LANIC (Ning Lin) [LANIC.UTEXAS.EDU] F/G [LANIC-GOPHER.UTEXAS.EDU] G


* None of the above, but related in many ways:


* LatinoNet (Richard Chabran) [LATINO.SSCNET.UCLA.EDU] G CoombsQuest (T. Matthew Ciolek) [COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU] F/G {FTP Dir: coombspapers} [CHEOPS.ANU.EDU.AU] F/G [CIS.ANU.EDU.AU] F/G Diversity (Mark Sandler) [UNA.HH.LIB.UMICH.EDU] G/T {Gopher Menu: humanities/ socsci/ Diversity Resources/} {Telnet Menu: Humanities Resources

Social Sciences Resources Diversity Resources } Diversity & Division (Madison C.) [FTP.DIGEX.NET] F {FTP Dir: pub/diversity} [MILES.LIBRARY.ARIZONA.EDU] G {Gopher Menu: Resources By Discipline/ Social Sciences/ Diversity & Division/} Islamic Resources (Y. Abdullah) [LATIF.COM] G


* International/Sustainable Development(includes Global Networking):


* BioDiversity (Jim Beach) [HUH.HARVARD.EDU] F/G CGNET (Ken Novak) [CGNET.COM] F [GOPHER.CGNET.COM] G CIDA (Roy Pereira) [819-953-8207] D CIED (Preston Hardison) [FTP.U.WASHINGTON.EDU] F {FTP Dir: pub/user-supported/consbio} Gnet/VITA (Laurence Press) [DHVX20.CSUDH.EDU] F IDEA (Dan Cotton) [IDEA.AG.UIUC.EDU] T {Username: interag} [217-244-5158] D [217-244-8471] D IFIP (Howard L. Funk) [SOFTWARE.WATSON.IBM.COM] F {FTP Dir: pub/ifip} [FTP.INFORMATIK.UNI-HAMBURG.DE] F [IETF.CNRI.RESTON.VA.US] G IGC/APC (Geoff Sears) [IGC.APC.ORG] F/G/T [415-322-0284] D [800-777-9454] D INFORUM (Robert D. Hart) [PARTI.INFORUM.ORG] T {Login: inforum}, {Username: visitor} ISOC/IETF (John Stewart) [IETF.CNRI.RESTON.VA.US] F/G ITU TIES (Lucio Goelzer) [INFO.ITU.CH] G {Usernames: GOPHER, INFO, VTX} [TIES.ITU.CH] T [CHI.ITU.CH] T [+41 22 7337575] D KIDLINK (Mark Hunnibell) [KIDS.CCIT.DUQ.EDU] G [KIDS.DUQ.EDU] PENpages (Deborah Shaffer) [PSUPEN.PSU.EDU] T {Login: 2-letter abbreviation for your state, i.e. NC, NY, FL} PerManNet (Mark Prado) [703-715-9806] D RainNet (Randy Bush) [GOPHER.PSG.COM] G/T sunSITE (Larry London) [SUNSITE.UNC.EDU] F/G/T {FTP Dir: pub/academic/agriculture/sustainable_agriculture} {FTP Dir: pub/academic/environment/alternative-energy} {FTP Dir: pub/academic/medicine/alternative-healthcare} {Gopher Menu: Worlds of SunSITE -- the Good Stuff/ Cooperative Extension Service Information/ Sustainable Agriculture Information/} TogetherNet (Paul Hansen) [GOPHER.TOGETHER.UVM.EDU] G UNCJIN (Adam Bouloukos) [UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU] G UNDP (Malcolm Chapman) [GOPHER.UNDP.ORG] G UNICEF (UN) [HQFAUS01.UNICEF.ORG] G VITA (Gary Garriott) [LAN.VITA.ORG] G WHO (Shunichi Akazawa) [FTP.WHO.CH] F [GOPHER.WHO.CH] G


* Social/Progressive Activism:


* CPSR (Al Whaley) [FTP.CPSR.ORG] F [GOPHER.CPSR.ORG] G [SNYSIDE.SUNNYSIDE.COM] F/G CSF (Don Roper) [CSF.COLORADO.EDU] F/G EDIN (Nathan Newman) [GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU 1250] G EFF (Christopher Davis) [FTP.EFF.ORG] F [GOPHER.EFF.ORG] G EFF-Austin (John S. Quarterman) [FTP.TIC.COM] F [GOPHER.TIC.COM] G English-Server (Geoff Sauer) [ENGLISH-SERVER.HSS.CMU.EDU] F/G GreenGopher (Tom Rowe) [ECOSYS.DRDR.VIRGINIA.EDU] G/T {Gopher Menu: Information: Environmental Organizations/ University of Virginia/ Greens at U.Va./ GreenGopher!/} IGC/APC (Geoff Sears) [IGC.APC.ORG] F/G/T [415-322-0284] D [800-777-9454] D Mother Jones (Joel Truher) [FTP.MOJONES.COM] F [GOPHER.MOJONES.COM] G [MOJONES.COM] F/G/T NY Transfer News (Kathy Kelly) [212-675-9690] D WELL (J. Matisse Enzer) [GOPHER.WELL.SF.CA.US] G

-- Art "Rambo" McGee NETCOM:[] ( in pub/amcgee for my "stuff") CTP/CORE:[] or [] (CA Ed/Tech project) PeaceNet:[igc:amcgee] (Best place for Development & Activism related info) WELL:[amcgee] (What can I say about this system? It's definitely unique) AfriInfo: [] (Email/Finger for Black/African Info) NativInfo:[] (Email/Finger for Indigenous/Native Info) BDPA BAC:[1-707-552-3314] to [Arthur McGee] (Co-Sysop. Lists are also here) DataBits:[1-213-295-6094] to [Arthur McGee] (Co-Sysop. Lists are here too) Voice: [1-310-320-BYTE] (Cool, eh dude? :-D That's 1-310-320-2983) "The revolution will not be televised, but the proceedings will be available online." (c)1993 Arthur R. McGee & Associates (AKA Africans Around the World)



Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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