AfriNews UseNet News Groups

AfriNews UseNet News Groups

BLACK/AFRICAN/DEVELOPMENT RELATED NEWSGROUPS ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1993 03:51:28 -0700 (PDT) From: "Arthur R. McGee" Subject: BLACK/AFRICAN/DEVELOPMENT RELATED NEWSGROUPS

For those of you who feel like it, please store this file as AFRINEWS, and give it whatever extension that comes to mind. Thank you. :-)

This is a list of Usenet Newsgroups that deal with or focus on African, African-American, African-Caribbean or African-Latin people, culture, and issues.

* Also included(in the second half of the list) are groups relating to International Development, Indigenous Peoples, and Social/Progressive Activism.

* Please let me know of any updates, additions, corrections or suggestions that you might have.

* Thank you very much.

* Peace.

* The absolute latest versions of all of my lists are always available via anonymous FTP from in directory pub/amcgee.

* The absolute latest versions of all the Black/African related lists are always available by sending email to or fingering the following account:


* Warning: all of the lists will come back to you as one concatenated file.

* Remember: the above address is NOT for correspondence. If you want anything other than a list sent back to you, use the email addresses in my signature.

* The absolute latest versions of all the Black/African related lists are also always available on the BDPA BAC BBS(1-707-552-3314) and on the Data Bits Online BBS(1-213-295-6094) in the following files:

* BLACKBBS.MSG = BBS List AFRIMAIL.MSG = Internet/BITnet Mailing Lists AFRINEWS.MSG = Usenet Newsgroups AFRISITE.MSG = Online Information Sites

* Note: These naming conventions also hold true for the FTP archive.

* Note: The lists may also be available as bulletin items, so check the bulletin menu on each system for descriptive listings.

* This list is up to date as of AUGUST 15, 1993.


* His royal badness alt.rap For fans of rap music News of interest to black people Music with afro-latin, African influences Discussion of jazz, blues, and r&b Funk, rap, hip-hop, house, soul, etc. The melodies of the Caribbean soc.culture.african Discussions about Africa & things African soc.culture.african.american Discussions about Afro-American issues soc.culture.brazil Talking about the people and culture soc.culture.caribbean Life in the Caribbean soc.culture.maghreb North African society and culture.


* None of the above, but related in many ways:


* alt.activism Activist Announcements, Bulletins, etc. alt.activism.d Activist Discussion alt.peace.corps Get paid for foreign travel alt.peace-corps Peace Corps Politics of the United Nations alt.sustainable.agriculture Principles of Sustainable Agriculture bit.listserv.devel-l Technology Transfer in Int'l Development International Volunteers International government-related comp.society.development Computer technology in developing countries Information for progressive activists Discussion about packet radio s soc.culture.indian.american Native Americans soc.culture.native Aboriginal people around the world soc.culture.native.american Aboriginal people of North America soc.religion.islam Discussions of the Islamic faith


* Art "Rambo" McGee


* Internet: [] [] BDPA BAC: [1-707-552-3314] to [Arthur McGee] Data Bits Online: [1-213-295-6094] to [Arthur McGee] Compuserve: [72377,1351] Voice: [1-310-320-BYTE]


* "The revolution will not be televised, but the proceedings will be available online." ;->

* (c)1993 Arthur R. McGee & Associates(AKA Africans Around the World). ;-) --1918944383-870377390-745498497:#23990--

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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