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Africa World Press Online

The complete catalouge of Africa World Press is now available via email. It has the complete offerings of Africa World Press, Red Sea Press, and Black Classic Press. It also contains selected offerings relating to African people and other people of color from Harry N. Abrams, African American Images, Afro Visions Inc, Carol Publishing Group, Braziller Publishers, Black light Fellowship Press, Black Think Tank, Fourth Dynasty Publishing Company, Heinemann Educational Books and many others. The catalouge is available in text only form right now but they will soon have a WWW server, and hopefully a gopher hole. Features from selected text will also be available through email.

You can also get on the mailing list of Africa World Press to recieve their catalouge by snailmail.

I know that many of the brothers and sisters out there are students in far off places so I got two things for you: ONE- If you need a book and its not your local library or in the catalouge, send mail to AfricaWorld Press and they will locate it for you and get you a copy. TWO: Anyone who orders via email or is on one of the African mail list get a 10 percent discount off the price of the book. I hope to get this up to twenty percent in the next two weeks, but they feel there has to be a show of interest before they can offer a bigger discount. Sorry! :-(

You can order a book three ways: ONE -EMAIL them your FULL name ADDRESS and credit card number with experation date, the title and author of the book you want and your PHONE NUMBER. This is so they can verify recept of your email with the card number and inform you of the charges made on it. TWO -FAX them the above information. THREE -CALL them and give them the above information.


This is how they will know you from other people and they will apply the discount to your purchase.

I hope this service helps you. I feel that it is very valuable and is a rich resource for us. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. READ READ READ. Its all been said or done before dont waste time reinventing the wheel. The books that will be featured this month are: Yurugu, Afrocentricity, Black Priest/White Church, Black Messiah, Black Man in the Old Testament, Orisha's: Th Living Gods of Africa, Voices from the Battlefront: Achieving Cultural Equity, B Africa, Book of African Names, Marxism and African Literature. These books will also appear on the World Wide Web send them email for the URL. Selections from these works can be obtained by sending mail to Africa World Pres

The email address is
The phone number is (609)771-1666
The fax number is (609)771-1616
The SnailMail address is Africa World Press
15 Industry Court
Trenton, NJ 08638

Peace and Blessings,

I dont work for Africa World Press so please dont send me any request for books or orders. Feel free to ask me questions or make general sort of request though. Feel even freer to compliment me if you think I deserve it.


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