African American Information Network (AAIN) Update- 9/9/94

African American Information Network (AAIN) Update- 9/9/94

Dear interested party,

Thank you for your many, many replies to our initial announcement. The African American Information Network will be a forum on Apple's eWorld bulletin board. The AAIN section of eWorld will be online by November 1, 1994.

eWorld has been in operation for about six months. Currently it is only available to Macintosh users. It is scheduled to be made available to Windows users by the end of 1994. AppleLink accounts will be transferred over to eWorld at a later date. eWorld can be ordered by calling, 1-800-775-4556.

Would you like to help build and manage AAIN? If so, please send us some background information about yourself.

AAIN will be targeted to address the special interest of the African American community, but we need your help. Please send us information that you want to be made available to the public. Do you know of anyone that should be highlighted as a role model? Do you belong to an organization, association, fraternity, sorority, church group that you want some free exposure for. Are there any upcoming events that you want to share? (The announcement below is a good example of the type of news that we are looking for.) Mail, fax, or email your news today.

Did you know that the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and American Visions magazine are sponsoring an "African Americans in the Telecommunications Age" day in Washington DC on September 14, 1994. It is FREE to the public. Guest speakers will include Vice President Al Gore, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, the Honorable Kweisi Mfume, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus and the Honorable Cardiss Collins, Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. To register call (202) 675-6736 or by Fax(202) 547-3806.

The African American Information Network can be contacted through Jimmy J. Davies, c/o MacMasters Computer Training Service, P.O. Box 2743, Newport News, VA 23609, Voice (804)875-1221, Fax (804)877-9919.

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America Online: AAIN
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CompuServe: Name: Jimmy Davies ID: 70254,2415

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