White Cliffs Publications

White Cliffs Publications

Following is a brief list of White Cliffs Media books and CDs related to African-diaspora music. They are available at many bookstores and CD outlets. We'll send a catalog on request. I hope this group will not mind this one brief post as it concerns publications which may be of interest here.

1. DRUM GAHU: The Rhythms of West African Drumming. Book by David Locke. A primer on Ghanaian polyrhythmic drumming. "Excellent, even for those who do not expect to perform the music."--CHOICE

--DRUM GAHU: Good-time Dance Music from the Ewe People of Ghana and Togo. Compact disc produced by David Locke. Incredibly hot village dance drumming. No guitar, bass or other rock accoutrements.

2. THE DRUMS OF VODOU. Book by Lois Wilcken featuring Frisner Augustin. Discusses the history of vodou (voodoo) in Haiti and gives the first well-researched examination of vodou drumming, including rhythms of spirit possession, songs and instruments. "It is high time a well- researched manuscript appeared devoted to this very rich topic." --Dr. Gage Averill, Wesleyan University.

-- THE DRUMS OF VODOU. Compact disc by Frisner Augustin. A Haitian master drummer plays rhythms discussed in the book. Also includes four newly-released tracks of vodou-jazz.

3. MANDIANI DRUM AND DANCE: Djimbe Performance and Black Aesthetics from Africa to the New World. Book by Mark Sunkett. Illuminating discussion of djimbe drumming and dance in its various forms as it migrated from Africa to the United States. "Primary insights into an increasingly popular genre."--Dr. Nathan Davis, editor of the International Jazz Archives Journal.

--MANDIANI DRUM AND DANCE. Compact disc produced by African-American scholar Mark Sunkett. Spirited djimbe performances recorded in Senegal, Guinea and the United States.

4. XYLOPHONE MUSIC FROM GHANA. Book by Joseph Kobom and Trevor Wiggins. History and performance instructions for the gyil, a folk xylophone of Ghana.

--XYLOPHONE MUSIC FROM GHANA. Compact disc by Joseph Kobom. Virtuoso performances by Ghanaian gyil master Joseph Kobom.

THANK YOU for reading this post. More publications are available, and many more books and CDs are planned. If you would like to receive a catalog, please e-mail your street or P.O. Box address.

--Larry A.
Lawrence Aynesmith. White Cliffs Media, Inc., P.O. Box 433, Tempe, AZ 85280. 602-921-8039. /// White Cliffs Media publishes internationally distributed books and CDs of world and popular music. Catalogs are available.

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