Um Kalthoum Soundbytes

Um Kalthoum Soundbytes

Newsgroups: soc.culture.lebanon,soc.culture.arabic From: (Borre Ludvigsen) Subject: See Um Kalthoum in concert on Internet! Nntp-Posting-Host: Date: Tue, 1 Feb 1994 22:02:45 GMT

See Um Kalthoum in concert on Internet!

WARNING: the files mentioned here are large and consume a great deal of bandwicth when moved. Pleas DO NOT download them unless you're absolutely sure that you can view them on your machine. They are between 4 and 6 MEGABYTES large.

If however, you are sure that you can view QuickTime films (typically you would need a MAC with more than 12 MB of RAM, QuickTime installed and viewing software like SimplePlayer), these films are for you.

- Mohammad el Mougi playing @oud and singing a part of "lilsabr Hdoud". (5.8 MB)

- Said Makawi playing @oud and singing part of "ya msaharni". (6.2 MB)

- Um Kalthoum singing a portion of "inta @umri" at her concert at Olympia in Paris in 1968. (4.4 MB)

These are very short excerpts of video with sound. Neither the video nor the sound is very good quality (the video is only 10 fps and lowest resolution to save space). BUT - this is definitely a FIRST - Um Kalthoum on Internet! ya lateef!

- Barre

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