Foreign Service Institute- African Language Tapes

Foreign Service Institute- African Language Tapes


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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Available from the National AudioVisual Center

Audio and Video Courses Produced by the Federal Government

Language: Title: Item No.: Materials: ________ _____ ________ _________

Amharic Basic Course AN004184 26 cassettes/text Units 1-50 AN004030 "/without text

Basic Course AN004190 5 cassettes/text Units 51-60 AN004032 "/without text

Chinyanja Basic Course AN004428 15 cassettes/text AN001510 "/without text

French,sub-Saharan Fast Course ANA09066 6 cassettes/text ANA09067 "/without text ANA09069 text only

Fula Basic Course AN005417 29 cassettes/text AN004057 "/without text

Hausa Basic Course ANA17872 15 cassettes/text AN004071 "/without text

Igbo Basic Course AN008853 21 cassettes/text AN004081 "/without text

Kirundi Basic Course AN007100 19 cassettes/text AN004083 "/without text

Kituba Basic Course AN007325 15 cassettes/text AN004085 "/without text

Luganda Basic Course AN007805 10 cassettes/text AN004093 "/without text

More Basic Course AN007821 29 cassettes/text AN004095 "/without text

Shona Basic Course AN008840 10 cassettes/text AN008895 "/without text

Swahili Basic Course AN008633 20 cassettes/text AN004119 "/without text

Active Intro., AN010152 2 cassettes/text Gen. Conversation AN004115 "/without text

Active Intro., AN008627 3 cassettes/text Geography AN004117 "/without text

Twi Basic Course AN008685 9 cassettes/text AN004129 "/without text

Yoruba Basic Course AN008739 36 cassettes/text AN004135 "/without text

Intermediate AN008755 2 cassettes/text Texts AN004137 "/without text

Note: For complete catalog, current prices and ordering information,

National Audiovisual Center
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161

customer service/ordering 703-487-4650

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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