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Current "Film and Video Resources About Africa" catalog available from the Film Center. Rental prices and time available through booking office.

Contact: University of Illinois Film Center 1325 South Oak Street Champaign, IL 51820

An Abattoir for Ibadan? A Case Study in Development
Africa: A New Look
Africa Changes: A Young Leader in a Young Nation
African Dances
The Africa File: Country to Town (De La Campagne A La Ville)
African Music-- Old and New
African Animals: Hoof and Horn
African Carving: A Dogon Kanaga Mask
An African City: Contrasting Cultures
An African Community: The Masai
African Craftsmen:  The Ashanti

African Drought African Odyssey: The Red Bicycle African Sanctus: David Fanshawe, The Story of a Journey African Odyssey: The Two Worlds of Musembe The Africans: Africa in Search of Itself The Africans: Making up for Lost Time The Africans: New Faces of Africa The Africans: South Africa Without Love The Africans: Soweto - The Secret City The Africans: Uneasy Borders (Rhodesia) The Afrikaner Experience: Politics of Exclusion L`Afrique en Francscais After the Silence Agro Industies Algeria (The Crossroads of the World Series) Alhaji Bai Konte Anansi the Spider The Ancient Africans Ancient Egypt (revised) Ancient Egypt: The Sun and the River Animal Landlord Animals of Africa Annual Festival of the Dead:The Dogon People in the Mali High Lands (African Village Life Series) Another Africa: Wildlife and People in Conflict Apartheid: Twentieth Century Slavery Arts and Crafts in West Africa Balloon Safari Baobab: Portrait of a Tree Benin Kingship Ritual Biko: Breaking the Silence Bitter Melons Black World (Of Black America Series) Bloody Schemes Bono Medicines Boran Herdsmen Boran Women Bottle-Babies Bound to Strike Back Bridges Across the South Bushmen of the Kalahari Building a Boat on the Niger(African Village Life Series) Building a House on the Niger (African Village Life Series) Building Together Castles of Clay Champollion: Egyptian Hieroglyphics Deciphered A Chip of Glass Ruby The Christians, 11: Missions Abroad Cissin City Lovers Coffee Planters Near Kilimanjaro Colonialism-- A Case Study: Namibia Come Back Africa Corridors of Freedom Cotton Growing and Spinning (African Village Life Series) Country Lovers Cows of Dolo Den Paye: Resolving Conflict Among the Kpelle Daily Life of the Bozo People (African Village Life Series) A Dam and After The Dancing Lion Day of the Dark Sun Deep Hearts Desert Caravan Destructive Engagement The Discarded People Discovering the Music of Africa Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man Ecology of an African River (The Mwaleshi) Egypt: Gift of the Nile (People and Places of Antiquity Series) Egypt - Yesterday Egyptian Villagers Elephant Elsa and Her Cubs End of an Era Ethiopia Ethiopia: The Hidden Empire Everyday Life in a Roman Province Factories for the Third World: Tunisia Families of the World: Zambia Family of the City: Adventure in Nairobi Fear Woman Fishing the Niger (African Village Life Series) Focus on Women From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe From the Hut to the Building From Mats to Mattresses Generations of Resistance Giraffe The Glory That Remains (9): Old Soldiers Never Die The Glory That Remains (10): A Matter of Death and Life The Glory That Remains (11): The Thousand Year Walk The Glory That Remains (12): The Forgotten Kingdom Good Climate, Friendly Inhabitants A Great Tree Has Fallen "Green Sahara" Habitat and Urban Environment Habitat in People's Republic of the Congo Harambee (Pull Together) Harvest: 3000 Years Herding Cattle on the Niger (African Village Life Series) History 1917-67 (16): The Story of Ghana History 1917-67: The Story of Modern Egypt History of the Negro People: Omowale - The Child Returns Home Hot Spot Hunting Wild Doves (African Village Life Series) Ibadan: An Introduction Imani: [Beegie and the Egg] The Improvement of Rural Habitat The Improvement of Rural Habitat in Kaganda In Search of a Past (Of Black America Series) Industry in Africa Jaguar Jibanak Kasangati Health Centre Katutura Kenya Boran (Marsabit Mountain - Northern Kenya) Kenyatta Last Grave at Dimbaza Lessons from Lesotho Let Them Come With Rain Lights, Action, Africa! Lion Magic Rites: Chicken Sacrifice (African Village Life Series) Magic Rites: Divination by Animal Tracks (African Village Life Series) The Magic Tree Man and Water in Benin Man Changes the Nile Man of the Serengeti Mandabi Mare Nostrum Masked Dances: The Dogon People in the Mali Highlands (African Village Life Series) Mau Mau (Black Man's Land Series) Mediterranean World A Modern Egyptian Family Moving On: The Hunger for Land in Zimbabwe Music of Africa Mysteries of the Great Pyramid The Mystery of Nefertiti Mzima: Portrait of a Spring N!ai: The Story of a !Kung Woman Negro Kingdoms of Africa`s Golden Age The Nile: Profile of a River No Place to be Me (Just One Child Series) Nouakchott The Nuer O Povo Organizado (The People Organized) Oasis in the Sahara Of Tides and Times Oil and American Power: Egypt (NBC White Paper) Onion Farming (African Village Life Series) Operation Sahel Oral History Our One and Only Home Papyrus (Milestones in Writing Series) Partnership for Change: United Nations Volunteers People: A Matter of Balance Praise The Price of Change The Price of Hunger Quest for Better Living Rainy Season in West Africa Refuge Regional Funds for Rural Development Rescue Resettlement of Illegal Squatters in Port Sudan Town Rhodesia River Journey on the Upper Nile The River Nile Rivers of Sand Rural Habitat Rural to Urban Migration - Five Examples Sadat`s Eternal Egypt Sahara Fantasia: A Desert Festival of Morocco Sahara - La Caravane Du Sel The Search for the Nile, 1: The Dream of the Wanderer The Search for the Nile,2: Discovery and Betrayal The Search for the Nile,3: The Secret Fountains The Search for the Nile,4: The Great Debate The Search for the Nile,5: Find Livingstone The Search for the Nile,6: Conquest and Death Self-help in Port Loko Sharing the Future A Shelter for All The Social Cat Solar Eclipse `73 Soldiers in Sinai: A Peacekeeping Story Songs of the Adventurers Sons of the Moon Souls in the Sun South Africa South Africa Belongs to Us: Five Portraits of Women under Apartheid South Africa Today: A Question of Power South African Essay, Part 1: The Fruit of Fear South African Essay, Part 2: One Nation, Two Nationalisms Squatter Upgrading in Francistown Stemming the Sands Suez Canal Tanzania: Path For a Nation Tanzania: The World is One There is no Crisis They Speak Out The Third World: An Introduction Tomorrow's World Too Many Elephants The Tribal Eye: Behind the Mask The Tribal Eye: Kingdom of Bronze Tunisia Turning Point Tut: The Boy King Tutankhamun: the Immortal Pharaoh Twentieth Century Revolutions in World Affairs No. 4: The Revolution in the Colonial World Uhuru: The Struggle for Freedom Ujamaa Villages U.N. Emergency (The Middle East, 1973) The Unknown Famine Upgrading A Veiled Revolution Water For Development West Africa: Two Lifestyles What Will I Be Tomorrow? (Just One Child Series) White Man`s Country Winnie and Nelson Mandela Woza Albert The Year of the Wildebeeste Yellow and Green You Have Struck a Rock Zebra


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