Egyptian Film

Egyptian Film

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Old Movies:

- "Al Naser Salah Eldeen" which is a historical movie about Saladin. Directed by Yousof Shaheen. I think it was produced in early the history of the Egyptian cinema (my opinion).

- "Al Ragol Al Thany", The Second Man. I'm not sure who produced it but probably it was Salah Abu Seif. It's about Mobs (action movie).

- "Fajir Al Islam", Dawn of Islam, I think it's the best religious movies.

Late 60's or Early 70's:

- "RoDDa Kalby", Return My Heart, It's about the Egyptian revolution in 1952. It was produced in the early 60's.

Before I came to the states (August 1990) in the late 80's Egyptian cinema started producing movies about political and social corruption, and organized crime. The following are the movies I liked best:

- "Ilha'ona", Help Us, about a rich man who STOLE the kidney of a poor guy.

- "El A'ar", The Shame, about a family dealing in drugs.

- "Katibat E'daam", Death Squad, about a group of young people asking for revenge from a public enemy.

- "Al L'eb Ma'a Al Kobar", Playing With the Giants, about corruption among the rich people.

- "Ayam Al Ghadab", Days of Anger, about a man returned home after 5+ years working an the Gulf to find his wife married to another man.

Egyptian Movies That Won International Prizes:

- "Bab Al Hadded", The Iron Gate, early 60's, by Yousof Shaheen (acting and directing).

- "Al Momya'e" The Mummy, By Shady Abdelsalam (early 70's).

- "Al Nehaya", The End, late 80's by Salah Abu Seif, was picked by the audiences as a best movie an a European contest.

All the above selections are only my opinion and not based on any scientific criteria. In my opinion, the filmmaking in Egypt had it have been a lot of movies which started to refresh the filmmaking in Egypt.

Best Regards, Ossama

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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