African Films from Development Through Self-Reliance Inc. (DSR)

African Films from Development Through Self-Reliance Inc. (DSR)

Development through Self-Reliance Inc (DSR) is pleased to announce that the following resources are available to people and institutions interested in African filmmaking, social development and the use of mass media in educational programs:

1. African Film and Video Catalogue - free The catalogue includes 35 African titles that are available for use primarily in Africa. All films have development-related themes such as teenage pregnancy, AIDS, women's issues, health, training, environment, etc.

2. Media for Development Trust (MFD) Annual Report - free MFD is a registered charity in Zimbabwe and works closely with DSR in the production of social message films. DSR helped establish the organization in 1987. Since then, MFD has grown to be one of the most influential filmmaking organizations and resource centers in southern Africa.

3. Media for Development International (MFDI) Annual Report - free MFDI is a non-profit American agency founded with support from DSR in 1989. MFDI supports motion picture production, distribution and training mostly in Africa.

4. "Social Message Video Production and Distribution in Sub-Saharan Africa" by Steven C Smith for National Video Resources (NVR) - free This report focuses on the issues of production, promotion and distribution of social message videos in Africa, and covers such questions as: language and dubbing problems, use of indigenous casts and production crews, available channels of distribution and transportation of films and videos to Africa.

5. "Distribution of African Social Message Films and Videos" - $4.50 (includes shipping) This report details DSR distribution efforts in Africa from 1988 to April, 1994. It summarizes the affiliate distributor network DSR has developed throughout Africa and accounts for over 10,000 videos distributed to Africa in the past six years.

6. "The Impact of Social Message Videos in Africa: Results of a Rapid Assessment Evaluation" by Ann Hudock - $4.00 (includes shipping) This report presents the results of a rapid assessment survey employing multiple methods to determine the impact of social message videos on African audiences. 30 pages.

7. "The Cultural Shareability of Edutainment Media in Global Africa: An Exploratory Study" by Dr Hamilton-Wray - $3.00 (includes shipping) This study looks at the effectiveness of "edutainment" (specifically "It's Not Easy") in the field of development communication in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa and how well it can be shared with other cultures. 24 pages.

8. "Africa Film and TV 1994" - $15 (includes shipping) This yearbook is published by Z Promotions in Zimbabwe. It includes: a directory of production resources for several African countries, a filmography, a section on the African market of films and a report on the viability of African films to make a profit. 247 pages - limited quantities available.

9. Swahili Video Library Project Report - $1.50 (includes shipping) Media for Development International (MFDI) received donor support in 1993 to send out over 800 videos and 40 16mm films in the Swahili language to over 65 organizations in East Africa. This report details the whole project through the evaluation stages. 10 pages.

10. "Taking Stock of Consequences: The Evaluation of a Dramatic Film about Teenage Pregnancy in an Educational Setting in Kenya" by Ricardo Wray - $9 (includes shipping) This evaluation accesses the impact of "Consequences" as it is used in educational settings. Secondary objectives were exploratory research about communication campaigns and social learning theory. 73 pages.

11. Article from World Health Forum, "Communicating for Health: A Film About Teenage Pregnancy" by Steven C Smith - $1.00 (includes shipping) This article, appearing in a 1989 issue of World Health Forum, outlines the making, distribution and initial evaluation of the film "Consequences" -- a film intended to discourage the very young in Africa and elsewhere engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse. 5 pages.

12. "An Evaluation of the 'Consequences' School Donation Project in Zimbabwe 1992-93" -- $1.00 (includes shipping) This evaluation reports on the effectiveness of using the film "Consequences" in a Zimbabwean school setting. 10 pages.

13. Population Reports December 1989 issue on promoting family planning with TV, Video and Film, published by the Center for Communication Programs, Johns Hopkins University - $2.00 (includes shipping) 31 pages.

14. "It's Not Easy" report -- $1.00 (includes shipping) This evaluation discusses survey methods used and the survey results of a study that looked at the effectiveness of using an African film ("It's Not Easy") in an American educational context. Prepared by AED/AIDSCOM. 10 pages.

15. "The Faces of AIDS" report -- $1.75 (includes shipping) This evaluation details the marketing/publicity and distribution activities that took place by MFDI to promote the film "The Faces of AIDS." 14 pages.

16. "Neria" Uganda Distribution Report - $3.00 (includes shipping) This report is on public relation activities for the theatrical release of "Neria" in Uganda prepared by Media Consultants Limited, Kampala with support from World Learning. The report includes several press clippings about this internationally award-winning film on women's rights, as well as describing and evaluating the promotion campaign for the film.

17. Individual film flyers are available for each title we distribute for free. In addition, we have a chart that lists all of the films by format/language and a list of awards each film has won. These are available for free.

18. Full color posters of "Neria," "More Time" or "Consequences" - $3.00 each (including shipping) or $7 each for non-folded sent in a mailing tube. All in English; "Consequences" ones also in French, Shona, Ndebele, and Swahili.

19. T-shirts for "Neria" and "More Time" - $15.00 each (including shipping). Black backgrounds with multi-color designs. Variety of sizes. Also caps for "More Time" are available - $5.00 (including shipping).

20. VHS PAL, SECAM or NTSC videos of the 35 titles listed in #1 above in a variety of languages. Also VHS videos of the trailers, audio cassettes of a few music sound tracks, several photonovellas, Discussion Guidelines, Broadcaster's Guidelines, workbooks, and some are available in 16 or 35mm film.

*prices subject to change, additional shipping may be necessary to some destinations

Please send all requests to DSR at:
9111 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046, USA
Ph: 301-490-3500
Fax: 301-490-4146

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