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Understanding Islamism TFG 1968 Eyes on the Arab World TFG 1975 Africa Speaks: The Story of Man in Africa RFG 1975 Sing the Glory of Africa RFG 1971 Africa: Focus on Economy TFG 1970 Africa: Tradition and Change TRG 1971 Africa's Children TFG 1971 Africa TF 1972 Africa: Continent in Change TFG 1972 Africa TFG 1971 Countries of Africa and Europe TF 1973 Discovering Black Africa TFG 1070 Focus on Black P 1970 Seeing Southern Africa TF 1974 Africa: Intiative Series C 1977 Family Life in Modern Africa RFG 1970 Perspectives on Africa GQ 1974 African Cultural Elements in Language Learning TFG 1983 World Studies Themes: Africa TFG 1974 Black African Heritage TFG 1972 Tiyendi pamodzi=Let's go together SST 1975 Families of East Africa TFG 1972 The Living World of Black Africa RFG 1969 African Regional Geography FG 1967 Africa Today TF 1972 Getting Acquainted with Black Africa RFG 1970 Slave Coast Game Game 1973 The New Africa FG 1969 Scramble for Africa Game 1973 Colonial Collaborators TFG 1975 African Cultural Backgrounds FG 1970 Ancient Egypt TFG 1974 Seeing North Africa TFG 1974 Nomads of the Sahara, a case study TFG 1971 Life in Africa Game 1972 Tribalism and Nationalism in Black Africa TFG 1971 Africa: Focus on East Africa TFG 1970 Zanjafrica... TFG 1970 Tanzania TG Africa TFG 1970 Ghana TFG 1968 Kwado of Ghana TS Custure of the Techiman-Bono of Ghana SS 1975 Afrocity: Abeokuta, Nigeria TFG 1973 Nigeria PG 1975 Nigeria FG 1968 Nigeria: Country and It's People TFG 1979 Shifting Sands of the Sahel TFG 1975 Dahomey TFG 1975 African Cliff Dwellers: The Dogon of Mali TFG 1971 Road to Development: Women's Education in Upper SS 1975 The Agony of Independence: Angola and the R.S.A. Video 1976 Changing Africa TFG 1973 Zaire TSG Colonization: Namibia Video 1975 Our God in Need: The Namibia Experience TF 1975 Volta (Burkina Faso) South African Information Service FG 1971 South Africa TFG 1975 South Africa: The Price of Inequality FG 1970 South African and U.S.A. Global Corporations SS 1965 African Lesotho and Mali TR 1972 Africa: An End to White Rule TFG 1979 Zambia TFG The Story of Roots TFG 1977 The Story of Roots, Part II TFG 1977 Pearl Primus' Africa TG 1971 People Are Like Rainbows TFG 1969 Discovering the World TF 1970 Africa TF 1972 Middle East TF 1972 Rich Nations/Poor Nations TFG 1974 As Strong As the Land(Women) TFG 1975 Human Rights: Who Speaks for Man? TFG 1978 Folksongs of Nigeria,India,Liberia,Egypt,Israel T 1969 Songs of Slavery TFG 1970 The Madinka Balafon TF 1984 African Art and Culture F 1970 Unicef Art RFG 1969 African Art from the Museum of Primitive Art SS 1970 Art RTFG 1969 Art and Man SG 1970 African Art and Culture RF 1968 The Creative Heritage of Africa RTSP 1972 Tunisia and Ancient Mosaics SS 1964 Nubia SS 1964 Sculpture of Black Africa F 1971 Egypt: Paintings from Tombs and Temples SS 1964 Ethiopia: Illuminated Manuscripts SS 1963 West African Artists and Their Art TFG 1972 Scholastics Black Culture Program TFG 1973 African Folktales V.2 & V.3 TG 1968 Congo Boy Coa C.1 & C.2 TB 1967 Africa: Showcase of Animals TF 1969 Our Working World: Neighbors at Work R 1965 Aswan: High Dam on the Nile FG 1969

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