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LANGUAGE/30 - Brief Courses: Each of these "crash courses," edited by linguist Charles Berlitz, is an ideal way to pick up a working vocabulary in a foreign language in the shortest possible time. Each package contains 90 minutes of guided practice in the *essentials* of each language; includes easy-to-remember words and phrases covering virtually every situation; and includes two cassettes and a phrase book. ($21.95 each for 1993).

Language: Item No.: ________ ________

Afrikaans #AF1048 Arabic #AF1032 French #AF1022 Northern Sotho #AF1054 Portuguese #AF1028 Southern Sotho #AF1051 Swahili #AF1040 Tswana #AF1052 Xhosa #AF1056 Zulu #AF1049


Language: Item No.: Name: Materials: ________ ________ ____ _________

Amharic #AFAM10 Basic Amharic 26 cassettes (27 hr.) 529-p. text, $245.

Arabic #AFA400 Spoken Egyptian Arabic 12 cassettes (12 hr.) 250-p. text, $175.

#AFA300 Basic Moroccan Arabic 16 cassettes (18 hr.) 395-p. text, $225.

#SAR201 Speak Arabic, Trans- 1 VHS video (90 min.) literated version 2 cassettes (3 hr.) 2 160-p. texts, $160.

#SAR202 Speak Arabic- Arabic 1 VHS video (90 min.) script version 2 cassettes (3 hr.) 2 160-p. texts, $160.

Chinyanja(FSI)#AFCY10 Chinyanja Basic Course 12 cassette (11.5 hr) 351-p. text, $175

Fula (FSI) #AFFU10 Fula Basic Course 29 cassettes (20 hr.) 489-p. text, $245

Hausa (FSI) #AFHA01 Hausa Basic Course 15 cassette (15.5 hr) 420-p. text, $195.

Igbo (FSI) #AFIG10 Igbo Basic Course 12 cassette (12.5 hr) 498-p. text, $175.

Kirundi (FSI) #AFKR10 Kirundi Basic Course 14 cassettes (14 hr.) 525-p. text, $175

More (FSI) #AFMR10 Basic More 18 cassettes (18 hr.) 339-p. text, $ 195

Shona (FSI) #AFSH10 Shona Basic Course 10 cassettes (8 hr.) 519-p. text, $175

Swahili (FSI) #AFW426 Swahili Basic Course 20 cassettes (21 hr.) 560-p. text, $225

#S50120 New Testament 17 cassette (25.5 hr) in Swahili $64.95

Twi (FSI) #AFTW01 Twi Basic Course 9 cassettes (6 hr.) 240-p. text, $175

Yoruba #AFYR01 Yoruba Basic Course 36 cassette (36.5 hr) 381-p. text, $295

Note: These prices are quoted for March 1993, and are subject to change. For complete catalog, current prices and ordering information on any of the educational materials listed above,

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