African Film Makers

African Film Makers

RECENT FILMS BY SUBSAHARAN AFRICAN FILMMAKERS ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

The films included in this list have been identified primarily by reading African newspapers and magazines and articles on and programs of film festivals held in Africa, Europe and North America. Since the first list in this series was complied, more attention is being given to television films and video production both in the African press and at some film festivals. Thus, this year's list includes relatively more television films and videos than previous lists. Some videos included in this year's list were probably produced for television. However, if they were not identified as such in the source(s) I read, it was not possible to identify them as such in the list. When one looks at the four lists in this series, it is evident that some filmmakerswork in both film and video, and make both documentaries and feature films. It also is evident that many more Africans, including women, are engaged in film making in 1990 than in 1980, and that since the release of Nelson Mandela and subsequent political changes in South Africa , that more "alternative" films and videos are being made and shown in South Africa. This list makes no claim to being complete. It is impossible for one person to monitor all filmmaking activity in the sub-continent. "The purpose of the list is to alert readers to filmmaking activities in Sub-Saharan Africa in a wider context than most published sources. Relatively few African films are given attention in the Euroamerican press and film magazines, or in the press of individual African nations, except in Burkina Faso and Tunisia, where biannual Panafrican film festivals are held. This list is as accurate as possible, but may include some errors that appear in the written sources from which the information was obtained. Corrections of major errors will be made in future lists as errors are discovered. Notation of discrepancies in previous lists are indicated for a few entries in this list. When no filmmaker's name was provided, the company that produced the film is listed instead. Wherever possible, a film title is listed in the language in which it was first produced , with translated titles in parentheses. There may be some double listing of films because I was unable to link an African language title with a translated title, or because the final title of a film was different from the provisional title. Corrections of such errors, or any others, by the filmmakers would be most welcome, so that the information can bc included in future lists.

AABN, ANC Video Unit (South Africa). Before Dawn: Culture for Another South Africa 1987 (video). ADEJUMO, Moses (Nigeria). Obee Gbona 1990. ADESANYA, Afolabi (Nigeria). Ose Songo 1990 (in process). AKOMFRAH, John (Ghana). Handsworth Songs 1986. AKOUISSONNE, Joseph (Central African Republic) Burkina cinema 1986 ALBUQUERQUE, Fatima (Mocambique) There is a War in my Country 198? BA, Cheikh Ngaido (Senegal). La vie en spirale (provisional title) 1989 (in process). BANDE, Jean Claude (Burkina Faso). Sibodou 1989. BAYO, Awala (Nigeria). Jaqua Nana's Daughter 1990 (television series). BINEY, Ebo (Ghana). Scientific Research Centre for Medicinal Plants 1989 (television film) BORGNATH, Mario (Mocambique) Fight Mabhida Fight 1986 (video) BRIGHT, Simon (Zimbabwe) The Limpopo Line 1989 Mbira Spirit of the People 1990 The Sanctions Debate 1990 CAPRICORN PRODUCTIONS (Zimbabwe) Bound to Strike Back 1987. CHAGU, Fred (Nigeria) It's All Us 1989 (television film) CISSE, Mohamadu (Mali). Falato (L'Orphelin) 1989. COSTA, Joao (Mocambique) Makonde Sculpture 1990? DIOP, Mahamadou (Senegal) La randonnee de Malaw 1988 (television) DIOP MAMBETTY, Djibril (Senegal) Hyenes ou Linguere Ramatou 1990 (in process). Dlamini, Lavumisa (Swaziland). Prisoners' Sport and Music 1989 (television film). Rose Craft 1989 (television film) EDKINS, Don (Lessotho). Goldwidows 1990? ELIZABETH, Marie-Claire (Seychelles) Magazin ekonomik: pti metye 1989 (television film). Wake to the Night , On Edge, Last Drop). FARAH, Mohamed (Djibouti). Le livere beige: Al Khidaab 1989. FAYE, Safi (Senegal) Mossen 1990. FEINBERG, Barry (South Africa) Any Child Is My Child 1988 (Video) Istwalandwe: The Story of the South African Freedom Charter 1980. The Kafala Brothers 1989. Voices for Namibia 1989. FREE FILMMAKERS (South Africa). An Evening in Exile 1990 (Video) FUGARD, Athol (South Africa) and Peter Goldsmid (South Africa). The Road to Mecca 1990 (in process). GATTA, Abdourahmane (Niger). Hommage a Oumarou Ganda 1981. GITHERE< Gilbert Gicaru (Kenya) African-American Show 198? (television film) From Unknown 198? (television film). Kill Me Quick 198? (television film). GOBI, Salou (Niger) Le violon sacre 1989 (television film) GOMES, Flora (Guinea Bissau). Udju azul di Yonta (les yeux bleus de Yonta) 1990 (in process) HANTZ, Koffi (Togo). Les contes du terroir 1989 (television film). Deuxieme Bureau 1989 (television film). HEBIE, Missa (Burkina Faso). Un amour de casque 1989 (television film). M'Biiga (My Son) 1990. HILOU, Andre Demba (Burkina Faso) Salubrite en ville 198? INKULULEKO FILMS (South Africa). Amakomanisi: The South African Communist Party 1920 to 1986 1986. Themba Harry Gwala 1990 (video) INSTITUT NACIONAL DO CINEMA (Mocambique) A Colheita do Diabo 1988. JACOB, Sou (Burkina Faso) and Adama TRAORE (Burkina Faso?) Le mari de Salamata 1990 (in process) KABORE, Gaston (Burkina Faso) Eugene Jamot 1989 (in process) KABORE, Roger Bila (Burkina Faso). La Princess Yennega 198? KO, Saley Hamidou (Niger). Rites de retour du camp de circoncision en pays Gumrmance 1989 (television film). KOLLO, Daniel Sanou (Burkina Faso) L'Artisan et son pays 1984. Lettre au General De Gaulle 1989 (in process) KONATE, Issaka (Burkina Faso). Yiri-kan (La voix du bois) 1989. KONDE, Joseph (Burkina Faso). Preserver la sante au village 1984. KOSSOKO, Yaya (Niger). La danse des genies 1981. KOULA, Jean Louis (Cote d'Ivoire) Carnaval de Bonoua 1985? KOUYAATE, Djibiril (Mali) Adama ni Awa 1989 (in process) Depte 1990 (television film Le drapeau noir au Sud du berceau 1989? Pour deux miches de pain 1989 (video) LADEBO, Ladi (NIgeria) Bisi, Eewo-Taboo 1989 (video) LANCINE, Dlabi (Cote d'Ivoire). L'amour blesse 1989. LOUNDA, Bernard (Congo) Histoire de Brazzaville 1989 (television film) MASHABELA, Denis (South Africa). Lest We Forget Saul Mkhize 1989? (video) MATTHEWS, Jimi (South Africa). I'd Love to Feel Free in My Land 1990. MAWURA, Godwin (Zimbabwe) Neriah 1990 (in process) (former provisional title Winds of Change) MBOU, Andre (Cameroun). Che mon cheri 1989 (television film) MEDA, Stanislaus (Burkina Faso). L'eau fruit du travail 1984. Koligure 1989. MININI, Michael (Gabon) Prosper Ekore, peinture du Gabon 1989 (television film) MOKOENA, Thulani se NGALO, Elias. MORGAN, Jenny (Namibia). Winds of Hope: Namibia's Independence 1990. MOUKETA, Paul (Gabon) Dominique Douma 1985 (video) Le veteran 1985 (video) MUSARIRA, Masimba (Zimbabwe) Mozambique: War and Hunger 1988 (televison film). Operation Stronghold 1989 (television film) MUSASA, Rammious (Zimbabwe) I Need a Child 1989 (television film) Reflections 1990? (television film) NAHUM, Roger (Benin) Danse, vodoun, danse 1989 (television film) NDIAYE, Daouda (Senegal) Education pour tous, une utopie? (series of 3 short films: Aqua, Les chutes de Ngalam and Diplomate a la tomate). NGAKANE, Lionel (South Africa). The Right to Development 1989 (television film) NGALO, Elias (South Africa). Mabitsi 1989? (video) and Thulani MOKOENA (South Africa) Kagiso and the Rebuilding of Community Structures 1990 (video) NGOUAH, Ano Steve (Cote d'Ivoire) Le royaume Ashanti, origine des Akans 1989 (television film) NIGERIAN FILM CORPORATION. Better Life for Rural Women 1989. Call to Duty (MAMSER) 1989. The Gains of SAP 1989. NAFEST '88 and '89 1989. Nigeria Welcomes You 1988. Women in Development 1989. NIKIEMA, Thomas (Burkina Faso). Le paludisme 1984. NIYONGAGO, Appollinaire se TOUMAYAN, Rafi. NZAMBI, Gaston Julio (Congo). Au dela des passions 198? Tshicoumbi 1989 (in process) ODUMOSU, Jimi (Nigeria) Fiery Force 1986 (television film). OESI (OSEI?), Joseph (Ghana?) Echoes of My Land 1988. OGAZUMA, Debra (Nigeria) Magana Jari Ce 1989-1990 (television series). OLADELE, Francis (Nigeria) The Eye of Life 1987 (in process). ONWURAH, Ngozi (Nigeria/UK) The Body Beautiful 1990? Who Stole the Soul? 1990 (in process) Yetunde's Gymkhana 1990 OUEDRAOG, Idrissa (Burkina Faso) A Karim ni a sala 1990 (in process) Les funerailles du larle Naba 1985 Tenga 1985 Tilai (Question d'honneur) (The Law) 1990. SALAMI, Soule (Benin). Romuald Hazoume: des bidons en plus 1989 (television film) SANKARA, Georges (Burkina Faso) Anpe mon amour 1987. SANON, Emmanuel (Burkina Faso) Typoco 1985 (television film) SANOU, Alphonse (Burkina Faso) L'eau propre, source de sante 1985. SANOU, Zezouma Francois (Burkina Faso). Konoboli baro (Causeries sur les diarrhees) 1984. SEEDOYAL, Vijay (Mauritius). L'environment: realite et enjeu 1989 (television film) SENE ABSA, Moussa (Senegal). Le sang du baobab 1990. SISSOKO, Cheick Omar (Mali). Finzan 1989 (previously listed as Muso Finzan) SOUSA, Camilo de (Mocambique) Nao mataram o sonho do Patricio (They didn't kill Patricio's dream) 1990? SOW, Abdoulaye (Burkina Faso). Yelbeedo (Prix du mefait) 1989 (previously listed under the French title, country Togo) SYLLA, Siaka (Guinee. La serenade des vierges 1988 (television film) TAJIDINE, Isselmou Ould (Mauritania). Nouadhibou, capitale economique de la Mauritanie 1986 (television film) THOMPSON, Bridget (South Africa) An Unwritten Story 1989? (video) TIENDREBEOGO, Raymond (Burkina Faso) Yao et Emilie, enfants du soleil 1989 (television film) Les Tamacheks de l'Oudalan 1990 (television film) TOUMAYAN, Rafi (BurundiL) and Appollinaire NIYONGAGO (Burundi). Umuvugangoma (L'arbre qui a la voix du tambour) 1989 (television film) TOURE, Hallawahy (Mali) L'age d'or du Mali: Djenne 1988 TOURE, Idrissa (Burkina Faso). La ballade de la mouette 1988 La Fete pascale 1985. Laada 1990 Le sort 1981 TRAORE, Adama se JACOB, Sou. TRAORE, Falaba Issa (Mali). Bamunan (Pagne sacre) 1989? UGBOMAH, Eddies (Nigeria). The Great Attempt 1990. WADD, Mansour Saura see WADE, Mansour Sora. WADE, Mansour Sora (Senegal). Gui Mbegel 198? (televsion film) (title also listed as Bi-Beggel). Kaniane Ak Laabir 198? (television film). Lamle dtu makdje 198? (television film). WANDAGO, Albert (Kenya). Women's Will 1l989 (television film) WEISS, Phillip (Zimbabwe) The World of Silence 198? WODOMAL, Robby (Uganda). Uganda: the Fundamental Rights 1988 (television film) YAMEOGO, Pierre (Burkina Faso) L'oeuf silhouette 1984. Laafi 1989 (in process) YAO, Agbati (Togo). Afia Mala 1990 (television film) ZOUMBARA, Paul (Burkina Faso). Premier anniversaire de la revolution democratique et populaire 1984.

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