kaACTNews (Kenyan Association E-Journal)

kaACTNews (Kenyan Association E-Journal)

From: (Jason M. Githeko) Newsgroups: Date: 18 Feb 1994 15:27:12 GMT Organization: University of Illinois Message-ID: Subject: KAACT Newsletter

kaACTNews is a proposed electronic publication of the Kenyan Association for the Advancement of Computing Technology, KaACT. It is intended to be a forum for deliberations, exchange and dissemination of Information Technology issues as it affects Kenya, in particular and its environs, in general. It will be available in electronic form with the possibility of a hard copy version in the future. To this end we will work with the Kenya Computer Institute, KCI, in Nairobi in a possible joint hard copy publication. In the long term it hoped that kaACTNews will evolve into a fully-fledge IT Journal.

Here is the mission statement:

"Information technology is essential in all spheres of modern business, educational, and public transactions. Also, it contributes to the quality of life and living standards. Therefore, kaACTNews will promote the use of quality principles, concepts and technologies by leading discussion on information and technology issues in East Africa."

We are KaACT Editorial Committee are seeking suitable material for the newsletter. We are planning quarterly issues for the moment and will accept material relevant to the Kenyan (in particular) and African (in general) Information Technology scene. Articles on experiences in developing countries similar to those in Kenya are welcome. The material could range from simple position papers, full papers and thesis abstracts, extended surveys, experience reports, news, conference/ seminar announcements, etc. If you have that term paper, that draft report from some IT related activity, etc. you may wish to consider sharing it with others. Since our focus is on Information Technology any such materials must have a bearing on this subject. Any material carried in kaACTNews will be copyrighted and the editorial board will seek permissions before carrying any copyrighted material of interest.

If you have any such material please submit it to us. If you know where we can get relevant material please give us pointers to the source. We would also encourage anyone and everyone to consider writing material relevant to our endeavour to get in touch with us. You may submit it to to or to Dr Luvisia sa Bakuli (


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Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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