Unitex Information Service

Unitex Information Service

UNITEX INFORMATION SYSTEM: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ A distributed Conference and Online Specialized United Nations News and Information Service.

UNITEX publishes approximately 75-100 articles per week which consist of news and information from current UN General Assembly proceedings, UN Security Council Resolutions, Environmental News from the UNCED (UN Committee on Environment and Development), UN Press Releases and UN Weekly Summaries, special UN committee and project reports, such as, updates on the UNICEF Children's Summit, news briefings and press releases from UNICEF, plus timely international news from several UN agencies and related organizations. Other areas of focus are UN Committee proceedings on Human Rights, international boundary decisions and Laws of the Sea, current developments and economic trends in the European Economic Community (EEC), peaceful and safe utilization of atomic energy, reports from the World Bank, World Health Organization and several independent international articles on issues of global concern.

The information presented in this forum can be easily utilized as courseware and background material for courses in the political science disciplines, social sciences and international studies. It can be especially useful for students and schools participating in the Model UN Programme.

UNITEX (United Nations Information & Technology Exchange) is now available to members or by subscription and can be delivered to your site by one of several mechanisms: There is direct PC to PC software available to enable direct connections to UNITEX. There is a custom delivery service available if you are a listed node on the InterNet or have an address in one of the wide-area networks, such as, FidoNet, RBBSNet, etc.

If your Department has PC'S (IBM or compatibles) or terminals that link into a recognized network, it is very likely that we can bring you and your students the specialized information that is very much in the news today. We can also customize the software to your specification and design a searchable retrieval system at your location to house and contain the information you receive from UNITEX should there be a need to retain a reference library for student projects or special reports.

In addition, UNITEX has designed software to convert our information into a format directly useable by a UNIX BRS searchable database, such as Grolier's Online Encyclopedia. This can be used to catalog and retain your own database of information obviating the costly online connect charges of the major commercial network vendors.

The subscription cost for UNITEX is $495.00 per year. This includes a weekly news feed of approximately 50 to 100 articles per week that are updated at least once per week and sometimes more frequently depending on the level of activity and information generated by the United Nations and other related news agencies. The size of a typical weekly delivery is 150K to 300K of material (150,000 to 300,00 characters which is approximately 50 to 100 pages of data). The articles range from 1 or 2 pages to 12 or more pages.

To contact UNITEX electronically:

UNITEX Bulletin Board: (201) 678-1367 1200, 2400, 9600 Baud 8N1/Vt100 or ANSI Emulation

For more information on UNITEX membership and subscription policies, please contact directly:

Dr. James Waldron, Ph.D. Senior Director, UNITEX Communications Voice: (201) 677-1563 Data: (201) 678-1367 44 Laurel Avenue East Orange, NJ 07017 USA

Internet: James.Waldron@f501.n107.z1.IEEE.ORG

FidoNet: 1:107/501 (FidoNet)

or unitex@IEEE.ORG

or unitex-request@IEEE.ORG

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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