Technology Information Environment for Industry (TIE-In)

Technology Information Environment for Industry (TIE-In)

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Category: Computers, Control, and Information Theory

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Title: The Technology Information Environment for Industry (TIE-In)

Summary: The Technology Information Environment for Industry (TIE-In) opens a new mechanism for technology transfer: remote electronic access to National Laboratory technology using smart user interfaces. This method of access provides two benefits, (1) it makes it practical to provide technology solutions to thousands of users, and (2) it reduces the investment on the part of industry in order to obtain technical solutions. The breakthrough provided by TIE-In is the realistic ability to impact U.S. competitiveness by providing thousands of businesses with cost-effective access to technical solutions. A prototype TIE-In system incorporating a system front-end and 5 initial technical applications will be piloted with on-line access to end-users both outside and inside Sandia by the end of 1993. Additional applications are on schedule for release throughout 1994.

Potential Applications: -Product Analysis, Design and Development - Manufacturing Process Analysis, Design and Development - On-Line, Remote Testing and Data Analysis - Electronic Textbooks

Status: The formal TIE-In program started at Sandia in May 1993. But most of the technical solutions that are being packaged under this program are based on decades of technology development. A set of initial technical applications will begin Beta testing with friendly users before the end of 1993.

Mechanisms to begin cost recovery in early 1994 are under development.

FOR MORE INFORMATION E-mail address, Telephone: Technology Transfer Center (505) 271-7888

Location: The TIE-In applications are under development at the California and new Mexico facilities. However with Internet and modem access, TIE-In will be accessible to users wherever they may be located.

Expanded description: TIE-In: The Technology Information Environment for Industry

The U.S. has over 6 million small to medium enterprises (SMEs), including over 350,000 in manufacturing, which account for the majority of jobs (~80%) and most of the job creation and innovation in the U.S. These organizations often cannot afford the technical specialists, facilities, and computational resources to fully solve all of their relevant problems in analysis, design, and manufacturing. What these establishments need is timely and easy access to a wide range of technical solutions to their real-world problems. These solutions must be low cost and low risk, must focus on proven technologies which are relevant to today's industrial applications, must fit into the existing working environment, and must be compatible with the culture of the SMEs.

TIE-In provides a new mechanism for technology transfer: remote electronic

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