South Africa Watch

South Africa Watch

Message-ID: Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 01:17:28 EDT Sender: Technology Transfer in International Development From: Arni Mikelsons Subject: Introducing South Africa Watch!


No time for endless reams of newspaper reports? But you need to stay on top of South Africa's dramatic passage to democracy? SAFRICA.WATCH is for you.

SAFRICA.WATCH tracks the major and overlooked news events that make for the South African transition. Until now, it has only been available on the conferncing system of the APC, such as Web in Canada, Peacenet / Econet in the US, GreenNet in the UK. This weekly service summarizes reports appearing in South Africa's major daily and weekly newspapers - focussing on the election, negotiations and the political context in which these occur. SAFRICA.WATCH will also update readers on a wide- range of development issues.

The format is designed for a speedy, informative read: concise, crisp summaries rounded off with a diverse bulletin of briefs.

SAFRICA.WATCH is updated every Thursday, and is available FREE to To recieve SAFRICA.WATCH, send a message to "" requesting that you get put on the list. Also state if you would like to recieve the last 4 issues, or if you would like a copy of all issues starting with September 1993.

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SAFRICA.WATCH is a service provided and produced by OXFAM-Canada, with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency. Web, a member of the APC, provides electronic communications support.

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Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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