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Online World

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- Internet and beyond -

The Online World is a book about the practical use of the GLOBAL online information resource. It describes resources on major global networks and services as the Internet, Usenet, BITNET, Fidonet, Echo, CompuServe, DIMDI, NIFTY-Serve, and others.

The book explores selected applications across country, network and service boundaries showing how needs can be met. The examples range from databases to entertainment and the bizarre to special services for professionals and organizations.

The following major changes have been done to the book since its last release:

Version 1.4 March 10, 1994

--------------------------- This update focuses on Latin America, Africa, and Asia for business applications in particular, while strengthening the European pointers.

* New sources for news, conferences, gophers, and more for China, Japan, the Middle East, Israel, Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, xUSSR countries, Sub-Saharan and North Africa, and other countries. Includes some Spanish language services. * Network Service Providers Around the World * The Directory of Information Services in China * The KOI-8 (Russian/Cyrillic character) coding scheme. * The No>m standard code (Vietnam) * Some official information sources for the United States and Canada. * Pointers for Cello, Lynx, Mosaic, PPP, SLIP, FreeWAIS, Winsock, Binhex * Special Internet Connections * Updated pointers to the WHOIS service, the Interest Groups List of Lists, NET-RESOURCES, and RFCs.

To retrieve the book over the net, Internet-connected users can ftp to OAK.Oakland.Edu ( Log on as user 'anonymous'. Change (cd) to the /pub/msdos/info directory. The file's name is (284KB).

The file has been compressed with the PKZip utility (version 2.04g). Use an uncompress program to turn it into readable text. PKUNZIP version 2.00, and Info-ZIP's UNZIP50 patchlevel 1, or later versions are good.

If ftp is unavailable, the book may be retrieved by electronic mail to . Write the following retrieval commands in your mail:

connect binary chdir /pub/msdos/info uuencode get quit

A plain ASCII text version can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from . The file online.txt is stored in the /pub/text directory (694730 bytes). Sign on with username 'anonymous', and use your email address as password.

A compressed version, called online.txt.Z (296361 bytes), is available from /pub/text at . For instructions about how to make the EUnet Norway mailserver give you these files, send an electronic mail to containing the single line "HELP" .

The book is also available from a number of other sources. For an up-to- date list of where to get it, send email to with the following command in the TEXT of your mail: GET TOW WHERE


Odd de Presno (Author, living in Norway)

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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