Omni Cultural Academic Resource

Omni Cultural Academic Resource

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The Omni-Cultural-Academic-Resource is a collection of material with an international or intercultural bent. The contents of OCAR is constantly changing. Items within are collected from various network newsgroups, databases and mailing lists. Some of the information is factual, other contributious are purely personal opinions (and even then, not my own).

Keywords: Society, Culture, Religion, Language, Intercultural, Cross- Cultural, Jobs, Government, Politics, Development, Volunteerism, Travel, Travelogue, Education, Fine-Arts, Animation, Anime, Food, Music, Environment, Healing, Games, Travel-Advisories, Bahai, Buddhism, Christianity, Quran, Bible, Hinduism, Islam, Mormon, Asia, Europe, AFRICA, Australia, North American, Japan, India, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia


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