The Middle East-North Africa Internet Resource Guide

The Middle East-North Africa Internet Resource Guide






The Mailing Lists are broken down by subject area to make it easier to find resources in specific areas. The categories are my own and I am open to suggestions for alternative categories.

***** INSTRUCTIONS *****

To subscribe to any of the mailing lists listed here send the following
one line e-mail message, making sure that the subject line is blank:

To unsubscribe to a list that you have subscribed to send the folowing
one line e-mail message, making sure that the subject line is blank:

In the following listing the listname is given in ALLCAPS. Use this name
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***** 1. ANTHROPOLOGY *****
***** 3. ECONOMICS *****
***** 4. HISTORY *****
***** 5. LINGUISTICS *****
***** 6. PHILOSOPHY *****
***** 7. POLITICAL SCIENCE *****
***** 8. RELIGIOUS STUDIES *****
***** 9. SOCIOLOGY *****
***** *****

***** 1: ANTHROPOLOGY *****

Oral Traditions List. ORTRAD-L seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for open disc ussion and exchange of resources in the general field of studies in oral tradition. All those interested in the world's living oral traditions (e.g., African, Hispanic, Native American, etc.) or in texts with roots in oral tradition (e.g., the Old and New Testaments, the Mahabharata, the Iliad and Odyssey, Beowulf, etc.) are invited to join the conversation. This e-conference should be useful for specialists in language and literature, folklore, anthropology, history, and other areas. Send subscription request to listserv@mizzou1.bitnet or


Social Science Research Methodology and Insruction. METHODS. Send subscription request to

Research Methodology List. METHODS. Send subscription request to

Social Science Data Discussion List. SOS-DATA is owned by Jim Cassell at Send subscription request to

***** 3: ECONOMICS *****
Canadian Association of International Development. CASID-L. Send subscription request to

Communication and International Development. COMDEV. Send subscription request to

Economy of Less Developed Countries (LDCs) List. ECONOMY is a mailing list aimed at analyzing economic problems, theories, policies, social conditions, political settings, etc of LDCs and their relationships with the industrial world. The economy and economic problems of LDCs have become real laboratories for the economic disciln nenmic policy measures. Send subscription request to

Economic and Social Development. ECON-SOC-DEVT is a multidisciplinary list for the academic discussion of national economic and social development in developing countries and countries in transition. Send subscription request to

International Development List. INTDEV-L. Send subscription request to

International Political Economy. IPE is a discussion group that will allow persons around the world interested in International Political Economy to discuss matters of mutual concern. Possible topics for discussion might includes but is not limited to any of the following: NAFTA, regional trade blocks, trade regimes, long cycles, historical world systems, the EEC, currency and market crises, democracy and governance, and commodity negotiations. An archive is available by gopher at or by WWW using the following URL ( Send subscription request to

Rural Development Discussion List. RURALDEV is a list intended for the international discussion of community and rural economic development. Send subscription request to listserv@ksuvm.bitnet.

International Trade Policy List. TRADE has been set up to facilitate discussion of international trade policy. Subjects could include items such as NAFTA, the Uruguay Round, US trade policy and related issues. Although TRADE has been organized by international trade economists we hope to attract participation by a wide group of interested parties. Participation by individuals outside the United States is welcomed. Archived on gopher at Send subscription request to

***** 4: HISTORY *****

History of the Ancient Mediterranean. ANCIEN-L deals with the history of the Ancient Mediterranean including the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe. Send subscription request to

Historians Network Lists from the University of Illinois-Chicago, Michigan State University, Kansas State University, Purdue University, Northwestern University, and Miami University of Ohio. The H-Net project at maintains more than 20 lists concerned with history subjects typically presented in university history departments. The lists at Miami University of Ohio are sponsored by the Cliometric Society. To get a complete list send the request "get h-net announce" without the quotes to A few of note are (Site refers to where to send subscription requests):

Site Listname Subject

UIC        H-ANTIS            Antisemitism
MSU H-AFRICA African History
MSU H-ASIA Asian Studies
MSU H-DIPLO Diplomatic History and Foreign Affairs
MSU H-ETHNIC Ethnic and Immigration Studies
MSU H-JUDAIC Judaica and Jewish Studies
MSU H-MMEDIA High Tech Teaching Tools
MSU H-POL Political History
MSU H-REVIEW H-Net Book Reviews (No discussion)
MSU H-TEACH Teaching College History
MSU H-WORLD World History Teaching and Research
KSU H-WAR Military History
PURDUE HABSBURG Austro-Hungarian Empire
MUOHIO ECONHIST.STUDENT Economic History at University Level
MUOHIO GLOBAL.CHANGE Long Term Structural Change

UIC -- Send subscription request to
MSU -- Send subscription request to
KSU -- Send subscription request to
PURDUE -- Send subscription reauest to
MUOHIO -- Send subscription request to

Late Antiquities List. LT-ANTIQ is an unmoderated list that provides a discussion forum for topics relating to Late Antiquity (c. AD 260-640). For the purposes of this discussion list, "Late Antiquity" includes the Late Roman, Early Byzantine, Early Medieval, and Early Islamic periods. Geographical coverage extends from Western Europe to the Middle East, and from the Sahara to Russia. Cross disciplinary interaction is particularly encouraged. The list is maintained by Ralph W. Mathisen at the University of South Carolina ( Send subscription request to

World List. WORLD-L is a forum for the discussion of the teaching, methodology, and theory of a scientific and non-eurocentric world history. It aims to hold regular electronic conferences related to the purpose of the list. Send subscription request to

***** 5: LINGUISTICS *****
Linguist List. LINGUIST is a list devoted to the academic discussion of all aspects of linguistics. The list is not geographically or theoretically bound. It is moderated by Helen Dry ( and Anthony Rodrigues Aristar ( The Associate Editor is Ljuba Veselinova ( The Assistant Editors are Ron Reck (, Ann Dizdar ( and Annemarie Valdez ( Software development is done by John H. Remmers ( Send subscription request to

***** 6: PHILOSOPHY *****
Analytic Philosophy. ANALYTIC is a public and moderated mailing list for the discussion of analytic philosophical thought, its history, its literature, and other topics of related interest. The criteria applied for moderation are little more than a check for common courtesy and the rules of nettiquette. The intended audience is anyone who is well aquainted with at least a few of the basic philosophical writings in the analytic tradition. Students and professors, professionals and amateurs are welcom. The moderator is Rodrigo Vanegas ( It is archived on the World Wide Web at URL Send subscription request to

Philosophy of Social/Human Science. COCTA-L. Send subscription request to

Ancient Philosophy. SOPHIA is a discussion group that deals with ancient philosophy from Hesiod to Iamblichus and Spain to Palestine. Send subscription request to

***** 7: POLITICAL SCIENCE *****
American Association for the Advancement of Science Human Rights Action Network. AAASHRAN disseminates reports and calls for action concerning human rights violations around the world. Send subscription request to

Activists Mailing List. ACTIV-L is a discussion forum for the serious discussion of peace, empowerment, justice and environmental issues. Send subscription request to

Arms Digest. ARMS-D deals with all aspects of the arms race and proliferation. Send subscription request to arms-d-

Arms Proliferation Issues List. ARMS-L. This list is owned by Rob Gross and deals with all policy issues concerning peace, war, national security, arms and armaments, and prolifieration. Send subscription request to

The Australian National University runs two general lists that are pertinent to the study of international relations and development for political scientists.

Listname Subject

INTL-RELS-MA-COURSE-L        International Relations Theory
DEVELOPMENT-STUDIES-L Economic and Social Development
Send subscription request to

Defense and Security Network. DEFSEC is devoted to all aspects of defense and security in domestic and international contexts. Send subscription request to

Dispute Resolution List. DISPUTE-RES is a list oriented around alternative dispute resolution issues. Send subscription request to

European Consortium for Political Research E-Conference. ECPR-PILOT is concerned with the development and teaching of poltcal science in Europe. There are approximately 2000 individual members in 154 academic institutons throughout Western Europe. Send subscription reauest to

Economic and Social Development List. ECON-SOC-DEVT is a political economy list that deals with general political economy issues and economic and social development issues (with particular attention to LDCs and countries in transition). Send subscription request to

Political Geography. GEOPOL. Send subscription request to

Human Rights Systematic Studies. HRS-L is a discussion list for scholars interested in the scientific study of human rights. Send subscription request to

Foreign and International Law Librarians List. INT-LAW. Send subscription request to

International Relations Student Union. IRSU-L. Send subscription request to

International Studies Association Foreign Policy List. ISAFP is a discussion group dedicated to the scholarly discussion of foreign policy. Archived on gopher at Send subscription request to

Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Journal. POFP-J. Send subscription request to

Public Opinion and Foreign Policy List. POFP-L. Send subscription request to

Political Methodology List. POLMETH is a discussion forum created to serve the needs of the Political Methodology Section of the American Political Science Association. The list will contain general information about the field that will be of interest to the Section membership and discussion about the issues of political methodology. Send subscription request to polmeth- The subscription command in the body of the message with no subject is is "subscribe <email address>" without the quotes.

Political Psychology List. POL-PSYCH is sponsored by the International Society of Political Psychology and the Political Psychology Section of the American Political Science Association and is open to all discussions of issues in political psychology. Send subscription request to

Political Science Digest. POLI-SCI. Send subscription request to

Politics of Science and Technology List. POL-SCI-TECH is a list devoted to discussing democratic politics of science and technology worldwide. Send subscription request to

Political Science Mailing List. POSCIM is a private list for those researching, teaching or studying political science and for practicians of politics. Send subscription request to Markus Schlegel at or markus@uni-

Political Science Research and Teaching E-Conference. PSRT-L is a moderated E-Conference which deals with issues of interest to professional political scientists, both researchers and teachers. The E-Conference is not intended to serve as a public forum for debate over current issues in politics, as other lists already fill that niche. Send subscription request to

Rational Choice Theory List. RMTUCKER_CHOICE is an electronic forum owned by Richard Tucker ( devoted to rational choice theory, in general, and choice-theoretic work in international relations/international political economy, in particular. Information on employment, scholarships, courses, and conferenes is also encouraged. Send subscription request to stating with no subject without the quotes: "subscribe listname email (first name last name)".

Scientific Study of International Proceses. RMTUCKER_SSIP is an electronic forum owned by Richard Tucker ( devoted to the quantitative study of international policics. Information on employment, scholarships, courses, and conferenes is also encouraged. Send subscription request to stating with no subject without the quotes: "subscribe listname email (first name last name)".

Terrorism List. TERRORISM is a forum to discuss non-political aspects of terrorism and terrorist attacks worldwide, oriented towards academics and counterterrorism professionals. Political discussion and personal attacks are strongly discouraged. Send subscription request to (include your email address in your subscription request).

Third World Studies Association. THDWRLD is devoted to scholarly discussion of all issues in the context of the third world, including political economy, strong state vs. weak state issues, state-society relations, political insititions, political culture, economic development, nationalism, and post-colonial history. Send subscription request to

***** 8: RELIGIOUS STUDIES *****
Religious Studies Forum. ANDERE-L is sponsored by the Religious Studies department at the University of California-Santa Barbara and serves as a forum for the discussion of theories, methods, and approaches to the study of religion, including (but not limited to) the history of religions, sociology of religion, and interdisciplinary methods. Send subscription reauest to

Objective Discussion of Religion. OBJ-REL is intended to meet the needs of those who seek information and intelligent discussion on religion. Discussion on OBJ-REL is intended to be centered around such topics as: the existence of God or gods, creationism versus evolution, reasons for the existence of religions, epistemology, religion and government, etc. This discussion is ** NOT ** intended to be a forum for emotional appeals to convert others to your faith, but discussions about the content of your beliefs ** AND THE REASONS BEHIND THOSE BELIEFS **. Send subscription request to

***** 9: SOCIOLOGY *****

Network on Health in International Development. CANCHID. Send subscription request to listserv@youkvm1.bitnet.

International Migration List. MIGRA-LIST is maintained by Maurizio Oliva ( at the University of Utah. Send subscription request to (the subject should be subscribe). The list can be reached at

Progressive Sociologist's Network. PSN is archived on gopher at and is devoted to all aspects of progressive sociology. Send subscription request to

Racial-Religious-Ethnonationalist Violence Network. REVS is an international forum dedicated to the reporting, investigating, and analyzing the growth and development of racial, religious, ethnic, or nationalist violence throughout the world. The list is owned by Alan Spector ( and is archived on gopher at Send subscription request to

World Systems Network. WSN is a new transnational and transdisciplinary e-mail network for scholars and researchers who are studying world-systems or other topics relevant to the world-systems perspective. Its purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information about research, data, publications, announcements, meetings, syllabi, commentary, book reviews, scuttlebutt and etc. Send subscription request to It is archived on gopher at


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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