Kenyan Computer Magazine

Kenyan Computer Magazine

Newsgroups: Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 11:29:02 -0400 Message-ID: <> From: Matunda Nyanchama Subject: Kenyan Computer Magazine Launched

The Kenyan national association of computer professionals, Kenya Computer Institute (KCI), has released its first issue of a bimonthly magazine, "Computer Age". There are a host of articles that may interest some netters. Articles in any area of information technology are solicited for future issues, and so are news items & conference reports, announcements, book reviews, etc.

Below are sub-titles in the current issue. For further info (subscriptions, adverts, articles, etc) please contact:

Computer Age Kenya Computer Institute (KCI) P.O. Box 70180 Nairobi, Kenya Email:

For an electronic copy, contact A gopher site will shortly be announced.


COMPUTER AGE VOL. 1 No. 1 Feb/Mar 1994

Bimonthly Magazine of the Kenya Computer Institute


Editorial Letters to the Editor From the Chairman's Desk High-Level Informatics Experts in Africa Meet in Nairobi National Networking Seminar on Networking (by NCST) KCI Cocktail Held at Utalii Hotel Strathmore Students Garner Medals Computers'94 Exhibition at Sarit Centre KCI at Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) Seminar KCI Serves as Role Model in the US Cover/Main Story: Health Informatics People: KCI Executive Committee People: KCI Editorial Committee Opinion: The Glittering Computer World Perspective: Computers and Development (S.J. Ochuodho) Briefs ... Briefs ... Feature: Management Information Systems (E. Omwenga) Journals: Journal of Bio-Medical Computing Book Review: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Health Informatics in Africa, HELINA'1993. KCI-NET NEWS Profile: Phillip Ndehi, MD Computer Consultants Ltd. KCI Committee Reports Membership Committee (S.D. Malaba) List of IT Training Institutions Directory of IT Organizations & Experts (Announcement)

Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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