Journal of World-Systems Research

Journal of World-Systems Research

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                   _Journal of World-Systems Research_

                            Editorial Policy

       The editorial policy of the _Journal of World-Systems Research_  
is to develop and disseminate scholarly research on topics that are 
relevant to the analysis of world-systems. We especially want to include 
works that proceed from several different theoretical stances and 
disciplines. These include, but are not limited to, civilizationists, 
evolutionary approaches, international political economy, comparative 
historical and cultural analysis. We seek the work of political 
scientists, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, 
economists and geographers.

       We especially encourage works that take theory seriously by 
confronting problems of conceptualization and making definitions of 
concepts explicit, by formulating hypotheses, constructing axiomatic 
theories and causal models. Theoretical research programs that combine 
theory construction with comparative research are badly needed to take 
the world-systems approach beyond the stage of a perspective.

       We also want to encourage the application of comparative, 
quantitative and network-analytic methods to world-systems research, 
though we will certainly also publish pieces that do not use these 
methods. Any empirical study that is deemed relevant to world- systems 
analysis may be published even if it uses a very different conceptual 

       And finally, we also want to publish discussions of future 
trajectories and options for the modern world-system and considerations 
of what can be done to create a more humane, peaceful and just world 

     The purposes of _JWSR_ are:

     -to produce a high quality publication of world-systems research
       articles using the advantages of the electronic medium;
     -to publish quantitative and comparative research on world-
     -to publish works of theory construction and codification of
       causal propositions;
     -to publish data sets in connection with articles; and
     -to publish articles that are longer than those usually accepted
       by hard copy journals
     -to publish reviews of books relevant to world-systems studies
     -to publish a forum for world-system relevant comments on
       current issues

We do not want to take articles or subscribers away from  _Review_ (the 
Braudel Center journal), _Political Geography Quarterly_, the _Review of 
International Political Economy_, or other hard copy journals that 
publish world-systems research. Revised versions of articles published 
in _JWSR_ can be republished in hard copy journals. Authors will be 
requested to cite the versions published in _JWSR_.

Institutional Basis:

The institutional home of _JWSR_ is the Program in Comparative 
International Development in the Department of Sociology at Johns 
Hopkins University. It is also associated with WSN, an electronic 
conferencing network located at Communications for a Sustainable Future 
at the University of Colorado in Boulder. A proposed Center for Research 
on World-Systems will become the eventual institutional home of _JWSR_.


_JWSR_ is a self-published refereed journal under the control of the 
Editor and the Editorial Board. The Associate Editors are consultants 
who help to procure and evaluate articles for publication.


The _JWSR_ will be published semiannually. Each regular article 
published in the journal will be anonymously review by at least two 
referees. Final decisions about publication will be made by the Editor.


Issues and single articles of _JWSR_ will be available free to the user 
by ftp and gopher access from the World-Systems Archive at  Subscribers to WSN, the world-system electronic 
conferencing network, will receive regular notices about new issues of 
_JWSR_. In the future we plan to produce an html (Mosaic) version of the 

Copyright Policy:

The contents of _JWSR_ are for use by scholars and researchers and can 
not be copied for commercial purposes. Authors retain the full 
copyrights to their papers. Permissions to reprint must be obtained from 
the authors. Authors are asked to cite their papers published in _JWSR_ 
if these or related versions are published elsewhere.


All articles must be submitted as machine-readable ASCII files that can 
be easily transmitted over Internet. Wide margins are required because 
e-mail screens are only 80 characters wide. Copy should be produced with 
two-inch margins on the right and left. Every twenty lines should be 
designated a page with a page marker included in the text at the 
beginning of each new "page," e.g. [Page 2]. This is for purposes of 
citation. Each article is paginated separately. Figures, tables and 
graphics should be done as ASCII files to the extent possible and 
included within the main document. If some ancillary materials such as 
graphics cannot be produced as ASCII files they should be included in 
binary file Appendices referenced from the main document. Authors are 
encouraged to include separate Appendices that include data used in 
their papers.


                         Christopher Chase-Dunn
                              Johns Hopkins

                             EDITORIAL BOARD

Janet Abu-Lughod          Albert Bergesen           Volker Bornschier
  New School                 Arizona                     Zurich

Terry Boswell             Carl Dassbach             Jonathan Friedman
  Emory                   Michigan Tech                    Lund

Andre Gunder Frank        Walter L. Goldfrank       Thomas D. Hall
  Amsterdam                U.C., Santa Cruz             DePauw

David Kowalewski          Su Hoon Lee               Beverly Silver
    Alfred                IFES, Seoul                Johns Hopkins

Cornelius Terlouw         William R. Thompson       Michael Timberlake
  Utrecht                    Indiana                  Kansas State

David A. Smith                   David Wilkinson
U.C., Irvine                     U.C., Los Angeles

                            ASSOCIATE EDITORS

Giovanni Arrighi          Peter Evans         Harriet Friedmann
  Binghamton              U.C., Berkeley         Toronto

Edward Kick               Robert J.S. Ross          John W. Meyer
   Utah                        Clark                  Stanford

Patrick McGowan           George Modelski           Katherine Moseley
Arizona State              Washington             IAS, Rabat, Morocco

Thomas Schott             Peter J. Taylor     Immanuel Wallerstein
  Pittsburgh              Newcastle                     Binghamton

                          Dale Wimberly
                          Virginia Poly

                           BOOK REVIEW EDITOR

                              Dale Wimberly
                          Virginia Polytechnic

                           GRADUATE ASSISTANTS

                    Susan Manning and Bruce Podobnik
                              Johns Hopkins

Articles should be submitted in ascii format to Chris Chase-Dunn, 
Sociology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. 21218 USA        fax 410 516 7590

Suggestions for books that should be reviewed should be sent to Dale 
Wimberly, Sociology, Virginia Polytechnic University, Blacksburg, VA. 
24061 USA

Announcements about _JWSR_ will be distributed by 
and the contents of the journal will be available (ftp and gopher) at in the World-Systems Archive, 
ISSN 1076-156X

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