Internet Voyager Info.

Internet Voyager Info.

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[This document can be acquired from a sub-directory coombspapers via anonymous FTP on the node COOMBS.ANU.EDU.AU ]

INTERNET VOYAGER (a.k.a. ELECTRONIC VOYAGER GUIDEBOOK) SOCIAL SCIENTIST'S GUIDEBOOK to AARNET/INTERNET Online Information Services by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek, Coombs Computing Unit, RSPacS/RSSS, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia ph +61 6 249 2214 e-mail (INTERNET)


Note: The online services listed have been electronically accessed, explored and verified by the compiler of this GuideBook. In other words, this document is based on first-hand experience, not on the network hearsay. Services found by the compiler to be too difficult to access/use are NOT listed in this guide. Pointers to other relevant guidebooks and lists are given by the end of this paper.

This document continues to be improved on and updated on regular basis. Please send any additions, corrections and deletions to: (C) 1993,1994 by T. Matthew Ciolek. All Rights Reserved.

======================================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS (no. of sources described)

======================================================================== ARCHIVES (24) BULLETIN BOARDS (14) DATA BASES (23) LIBRARY CATALOGUES (pointers to 300+ libraries) PERIODICALS (6) RESEARCH CENTRES (1) WAIS SERVERS (8) Appendix A: TELNET procedures Appendix B: Anonymous FTP procedures Appendix C: Using ARCHIE databases Appendix D: Using LISTSERV fileservers Some Useful References Copyright and disclaimer notice

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