International Business Practices Guide

International Business Practices Guide

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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PRACTICES GUIDES are available on the University of Missouri- St. Louis Gopher (UMSLVMA.UMSL.EDU). From the main menu select the following directory:

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International Business Practices Guide is designed to provide U.S. firms with an overview of legal practices in 117 countries, and to provide up- to-date information on some of the nuances involved with operating in other countries. The aim is to provide basic information to solve practical problems.

For each country, the Guide reviews issues concerning: foreign corporations, agents and distributors, joint ventures, import duties and restrictions, documentation requirements, commercial policies (free- trade zones, exchange controls, etc.), intellectual property rights, taxation, regulatory agencies, and foreign investment. The Guide is organized by region, and within each region by country.

For more information regarding International Business Practices Guide, contact: Trade Information Center 1-800-USA-TRAD


This file extracted from Dept. of Commerce National Trade Databank (NTDB) CD-ROM, SuDoc C 1.88:993/11 by RCM of the Libraries of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, 11/29/1993 / IBPA0000

International Business Practices Guide NTDB 14. Region 5: Sub-Saharan Africa /

Region 5: Sub-Saharan Africa

1. Business Practices in Botswana. 2. Business Practices in Burkina Faso. 3. Business Practices in Cote D'Ivoire. 4. Business Practices in Ethiopia. 5. Business Practices in Guinea. 6. Business Practices in Kenya. 7. Business Practices in Lesotho. 8. Business Practices in Madagascar. 9. Business Practices in Malawi. 10. Business Practices in Mauritius. 11. Business Practices in Niger. 12. Business Practices in Nigeria. 13. Business Practices in Rwanda. 14. Business Practices in Senegal. 15. Business Practices in Sierra Leone. 16. Business Practices in South Africa. 17. Business Practices in Uganda. 18. Business Practices in Zaire.

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