Global Land Information System

Global Land Information System

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From: (Robert Grumbine) SUBJECT: GEOGRAPHICAL DATABASE Date: 1 Aug 93 23:57:34 GMT Organization: Nyx, Public Access Unix @ U. of Denver Math/CS dept.


The Global Land Information System (GLIS) is an interactive computer system developed by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). GLIS contains descriptive information about data sets (keyword searchable); user guides with detailed information about sensor specifications, extent of coverage, processing history, data quality, and product availability; and inventories which contain detailed information about individual data set entities such as a Landsat scene or an Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) pass (temporal, spatial, and parameter-oriented queries of inventories are possible). In addition to the text-based directories, user guides, and inventories, GLIS graphic services are available through graphic interfaces such as a PC-GLIS package for IBM- compatible PCs or the X Windows environment.

GLIS is available from Internet via TELNET or TELNET Modem dial-in is available at 1+605+594-6888 or FTS (federal telephone system) 753-7888, which is undoubtedly long distance to practically everyone and is not PC-Pursuitable since the system is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Email can be sent to

Some user assistance and information can be received from 1+800+252-4547 or FTS 753-7099 or commercial 1+605+594-6099.

No access to GLIS is available for those of us who have FTP/email/news only. None of the Freenets have any teleport connectability to GLIS. There is no listserv function (automated email response) available at GLIS. Unless you have Telnet (or a goodly long distance budget) you are among us who are out of luck with respect to GLIS information. All of this information is as of the last time I tried to contact GLIS in May 1993.

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