Global Information Infrastructure [Gore]

Global Information Infrastructure [Gore]

Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 09:53:11 MET Sender: From: Peter Hellmonds OBPPS 35821 Subject: Al Gore speech: "Global Information Infrastructure" (retrieval "how-to" info) To: Multiple recipients of list RINAF-L ----------------------------Original message----------------------------

Remarks prepared for delivery by U.S. Vice President Al Gore on the creation of a Global Information Infrastructure.

World Telecommunication Development Conference, Buenos Aires Monday, March 21, 1994

Good news for those interested in extending the global network infrastructure. The full text of the above speech is now available as e- text. I was debating with myself whether to send the entire file (~27KB) or merely instructions on how to retrieve the speech (~3KB) and decided to use the bandwidth-saving route to send you the instructions only, because they will enable you to retrieve other documents in the future independently. The instructions cover gopher, www, and e-mail access (in that order).

The full text of the speech (Bytes: 26683) can be obtained from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Geneva:



# Name=[ASCII Lang: E Bytes: 26683 Updated: 94-03-23 ITU-8324] Numb=1 Type=0 Port=70 Path=0/.1/ITUdoc/.dirtree/.1/.itu-d/.wtdc/.news/.23193/.8324.txt


--- URL: gopher:// d/.wtdc/.news/.23193/ .8324.txt

email via ITUDOC email server

----------------------------- To retrieve the file referenced above, send send a message with the line GET ITU-8324 in it to:

For help with the ITUDOC email interface or info on other interfaces (e.g., Gopher), send the line HELP in the message body to this address ( Include the line GET ITU-5971 for a list of Road Map and Index files.

NEWS FLASH: For concise info on ITUDOC access methods, send the command GET ITU-4313. MIME support is now available! Just put the line ENCODE MIME in your message before any GET commands of binary files.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Although UUCP sites typically have access to Internet compliant mail, there is a considerable difference between email access through the Internet and UUCP: UUCP sites typically do not have the store and forward capacities for file transfer. It is considered a breach of UUCP etiquette to transfer large files or documents without first arranging it with the administrators of affected sites along the route.


-- Peter P.S.: Apologies to those who are subscribers to multiple lists included in the distribution.

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