Global Change Compendium

Global Change Compendium

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CANADIAN GLOBAL CHANGE PROGRAM _________________________________________________________

NEWS RELEASE -- For Immediate Release--

Global Environmental Change--Canada's International Involvement

Ottawa, June 13, 1994--The first edition of Canadian Involvement in International Global Change Activities: A Compendium (CIGA) was released today by the Canadian Global Change Program of The Royal Society of Canada.

CIGA is a valuable listing of Canadian contact persons for international activities and research related to global environmental change. The compendium also contains a matrix illustrating the focus of each activity, an extensive list of acronyms, and the addresses of many organizations around the world with mandates relevant to global change research.

CIGA will be updated every two years, with more frequent updates available on-line through the CGCP internet gopher. It is currently available free of charge on a 3 1/2" floppy disk and will shortly be available as an ftp file and as a WAIS-indexed file via the CGCP gopher- access from a gopher client: 70 Paper copies are available at a cost of CAN$15.00 (includes postage, P.S.T. and G.S.T. not applicable).

Aussi disponible en francais sous le titre Participation des canadiens aux activites internationales relatives aux changements a l' echelle du globe : un repertoire (CIGA).

To order or for more information contact:

Marie Ross Canadian Global Change Program c/o The Royal Society of Canada P.O. Box 9734 Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5J4

Telephone: (613) 991-0175 Fax: (613) 991-6996 Internet: or


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