Cooperative Africana Microform Project (CAMP)

Cooperative Africana Microform Project (CAMP)

From: FUNG@HOOVER.STANFORD.EDU Date: Fri, 01 Apr 1994 13:09:04 -0800 (PST) Subject: CAMP Catalog Online

The CRL online catalog contains the holdings of CAMP, Cooperative Africana Microform Project. The main U.S. Africana libraries belong to CAMP; there are also non-U.S. members.

Center for Research Library Catalog

The Center for Research Libraries' Online Public Access Catalog is now available through internet.


* It is the online public access catalog (OPAC) of the Center for Research Libraries. The system is Innovative Interfaces, Inc. which has a menu-driven user interface.

telnet:// (username: guest; password: guest)

What does CRLCATALOG include?

* Virtually all of the bibliographic and authority records in CRL's card catalog (retrospective conversion projects have added 98% of CRL's catalog records to the machine readable database).

* 385,000 records representing titles in CRL's cataloged collections: oo cataloged monographs oo newspapers oo serials oo archival materials in microform oo microform sets and title analytics

* CRL's cataloging for holdings that appear in OCLC and RLIN.

* Acquisitions (order) records for purchase proposals and demand purchases: oo major microform sets oo foreign dissertations oo retrospective newspaper files oo individual reels from microform sets of archival materials that record the activities of national governments (CRL began adding order records in fall 1993)

* Serial check-in records for currently-received journal and newspaper titles (CRL began adding check-in records in fall 1993).

What holdings information is included in CRLCATALOG?

* All bibliographic records include at least summary holding statements and call number information.

* Issue-specific holdings statements and call number information for all records are systematically being added to the OPAC.

* Current receipts of serials and newspapers display in the check-in records.

What materials are not included in CRLCATALOG?

* Records for titles in comprehensive collections that are not cataloged by policy: oo foreign dissertations oo college catalogs oo U.S. state documents oo textbooks

* Titles in the cataloging queue: oo additional newspaper holdings oo archival materials in microform, especially U.S. National Archives holdings oo monographs published by the Russian Academy of Sciences

* Records for some South and Southeast Asian monographs in non-roman languages that have not yet been converted to machine readable format

What are the access points to CRL bibliographic records?

* Search by these access points: oo Author oo Title or Series Title oo Words in the title or series oo OCLC bibliographic record number oo CRL call number oo ISSN or ISBN oo Subject (CRL's cataloging does not always include subject headings, so keyword searching often is more effective)

* Search results can be further limited by these factors: oo Language oo Bibliographic level oo Reproduction type oo Words in the Author oo Words in the Title oo Words in the Subject oo Publisher oo Where item is located oo Place of publication oo Year of publication

Interlibrary loan requests can be transmitted to the Center through an interlibrary loan office via the OCLC and RLIN ILL subsystems, CLASS OnTyme, Internet, Envoy (for Canadian libraries), telephone, telefacsimile, and mail. The terms of loan to members are that the Center will lend any materials from its collections in unlimited quantities for an indefinite loan period. This enables a researcher engaged in a long-term project to have ready access to materials.

The Center will provide a photocopy of an article or other portion of a work when copyright compliance is indicated on the request. Also, the Center will transmit photocopies via telefacsimile to improve delivery time. Telefacsimile delivery is a routine service for which there is no extra charge to members.

Under its demand purchase program, the Center will consider acquiring material in the following categories in response to a member library's interlibrary loan request:

* archival materials in microform that record the activities of national governments

* doctoral dissertations written at institutions outside the U.S. and Canada

* newspapers in microform that add to the file of a title to which the Center currently subscribes

Researchers may visit the Center to use materials in the reading room. Arrangements must be made in advance of a visit in to insure that needed materials are available.

For more information on CRL collections, specific holdings information, or on how to borrow materials, contact:


Editor: Ali B. Ali-Dinar
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